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 A Nice Break ( Anges)

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Tessa Grey

Tessa Grey

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A Nice Break ( Anges) Empty
PostSubject: A Nice Break ( Anges)   A Nice Break ( Anges) EmptyTue Nov 04, 2014 7:48 pm

Tessa walked into the The Three Broomsticks with the help of Yasmina. She then went and found her a table. And as usual someone would come over and ask what she wanted to drink. And as usual they would bring over Yasmina something to drink. This was because she always came here and the staff knew that she was blind. So they were always prepared when she walked through the door. And that was because she loved coming to The Three Broomsticks. It was a way for her to get out of her family home. She was tired that her parents were trying to treat her like a cripple. That was something that she didn't want. She wanted to feel like she was everybody else. She was barely eighteen and she knew that the world was her oyster. Now that she was out of school she had no idea what to do. Sure she could be like a pureblood and just live off of her families money. But that wasn't Tessa. She wanted to go and work, but she didn't know how people would take it.

Tessa also knew that her parents would try and push her into a pureblood marriage. It was something that she would have to face someday. But she really wasn't ready for it. She wanted to focus on one thing at a time. And for know it was to make her place in this world. Then she would worry about whatever would come to her next. She then placed her arm down so that she could feel her dog. And she knew one day that she would lose her. That was something that she didn't want to think about. Because that would be the day that Tessa would lose her best and only friend.
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Agnes Beaumont
Agnes Beaumont

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My Character
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A Nice Break ( Anges) Empty
PostSubject: Re: A Nice Break ( Anges)   A Nice Break ( Anges) EmptyThu Nov 27, 2014 10:16 pm

Nobody would ever speak of what happened with Hunter. That was in the past. That was a moment of Carpe Diem and shit that Agnes would never even think about again. Therefore, a break was necessary. Agnes had never been to Hogsmeade, she'd never had a reason to leave the castle's walls, until now. She'd made a deal with that Russian student that they'd go to Hogsmeade together, mostly so that Agnes didn't have to walk alone, but he would go do whatever he wanted, and so would Agnes, and they'd meet somewhere after. It sounded like a good plan, it kept everyone from thinking Agnes only went around kicking people and dating the evil, yet amazingly good, Ravenclaws.

So Agnes found herself headed to the famous Three Broomsticks, because that was the place she'd heard so much about. Walking in, the smell of the beloved butterbeer was everywhere, it was intoxicating. Smiling a little, Agnes walked over to the bar, where she tried her best to not sound so out of place. "I'd like a butterbeer, monsieur." She said as she reached in her pocket and took out some coins, placing the right amount on the bar. She'd learned a lot about British currency, and about wizard British currency, too. The guy smiled and walked off to get her drink, and Agnes took the chance to look for an empty table. She obviously had bad timing, because the whole inn was packed. Packed! Ugh, well. There was one table, however, that was only used by a girl not that much older than Agnes herself, and her pet.

"Monsieur, do you know that girl? With the distant look and the furry animal?" She asked as the guy came back and placed her drink on the bar. "Yes, that's Tessa. She comes here all the time." He replied, and Agnes figured she couldn't be so dangerous. Taking her drink and smiling at the guy in thanks, Agnes made her way over to the girl, Tessa. "Hello! I'm sorry, everywhere else is packed and I'd rather as another girl to share her table than some psycho man." she stood by the edge of the seat, waiting to be let in to Tessa's little world.

- - -

A Nice Break ( Anges) Agnesb10
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Tessa Grey

Tessa Grey

Posts : 45
Join date : 2014-09-12

A Nice Break ( Anges) Empty
PostSubject: Re: A Nice Break ( Anges)   A Nice Break ( Anges) EmptyThu Dec 04, 2014 4:59 pm

Tessa was enjoying her day. She was able to do a little bit of shopping. And she could tell by how load it was, that today was busy. But it didn't matter because she came there all the time, and they had a table just for her. Usually people would come over just to pet Yasmina, if there was small children. If not she would just enjoy the time alone. But she really did like the quiet time, but all she wanted was to talk to anybody. Just because she was blind people would try and treat her like she was different. There were days that she missed being a student. Being an adult was not fun at all. But she knew that she was going to have to grow up some time.

Yasmina barked at her to let her know that someone was walking over to her. But she then started to smiled when she asked if she could sit with her. “ You are welcome to join us.” Tessa was happy that someone actually was going to stay. “ I am Tessa and this is my dog Yasmina. I had her for a good many years. I got her before I started my first year at Hogwarts.” She knew that she was going to ask why she had a dog. But there was a part of her that was hoping that she wouldn't leave.
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PostSubject: Re: A Nice Break ( Anges)   A Nice Break ( Anges) Empty

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A Nice Break ( Anges)
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