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PostSubject: Marielle Aveline Prince   Marielle Aveline Prince EmptySun May 15, 2016 8:06 am

Marielle Aveline Prince 2m7urmw

Marielle Aveline Prince MV5BMjEzMzA4OTUxOF5BMl5BanBnXkFyZXN1bWU@._V1_
Marielle Prince

Marielle Aveline Prince 19s5f8

Full Name: Marielle Aveline Prince
Gender: Female
Birthday: April 22, 2022
Age: 11
Blood: Pureblood
Birth Place: Rennes, France
Nationality: French/British

Marielle Aveline Prince 9qbsdu

Family: Marielle's parents met when her father, Thomas, traveled to Paris, France for business and met her mother, Aveline. The two quickly fell in love, walking down La Seine together while eating French pastries. Thomas had looked at Aveline smiling up at him with a flush in her cheeks and had immediately known she was perfect for him. When telling the story to their kids, he called it "The Moment™."
They were married in Paris before moving out to the city of Rennes, where there was a secret magical community located just outside the city. Four years after they were married, Marielle was born. Five years after that, her brother André Christian was born. When Marielle was six and a half (she would stubbornly declare that she was six "And a HALF" to anyone who listened) and André was eight months old, the family moved just north of the city Farnham, in Surrey, England. Five months after André's third birthday, Luc Adrien was born. Marielle loved her two brothers and adored helping her parents with Luc or watching André.

Bloodline History: Marielle's father is the third son of the second cousin of the brother of the second nephew of Eileen Prince's father's father's brother (her great uncle). This makes her very distantly related to Severus Snape. The branch of the family Marielle is a part of moved to Surrey in the 1930s, just before WWII. Thomas, Marielle's father, made the decision to move with his new bride to Rennes to build a life together. They were ready for a change after a while, when they moved to Thomas' family manor outside of Farnham.

History: Marielle's parents had brought her up to speak both English and French. She was taught about the History of Magic and the theory behind Transfigurations and Charms, in addition to her regular schooling. Her parents were fairly progressive, allowing her to attend a public school once her accidental magic was under control. She grew up around muggle children and did not see them any different than her pureblood friends. She even joined a football team when she was 7! As she grew older, her father tried to teach her Quidditch, but after three broken bones, they decided she would be better suited to staying on the ground.
Marielle loves her family very much. Her parents are supportive of her with whatever she wanted to do, within reason, of course. She had declared one day that she would be Minister of Magic when she grew up, and they had called her minister for the week, until she decided she wanted to be a Princess. Her current future goal, one that has stuck for nearly a year now, was being a robe maker like Madam Malkin. She also loved her little brothers and played with them all the time.

Marielle Aveline Prince 1zecfhc

Appearance: The photo has brown eyes, but Mari has bright blue eyes, filled with the joie de vie. Hard to see in the photo, but Mari also has a dusting of freckles across her nose, cheeks, and shoulders. She also has some dark, medium-thickness, rimmed glasses for her to wear when she writes, similar to the muggle reading glasses some of her friends need to wear. She's a little short for her age, standing at 4'10." She's fairly thin and athletic from running around outside with her two brothers. She likes wearing dresses and pink with silver accents, usually with black ballet flats.

Personality: Mari is very perceptive to the emotions of her friends. She notices when her friends are upset, insecure, or hiding something. For an eleven year old, she loves helping others, and is also a great listener. She was able to notice when one of her school friends was upset and gently asked him about what was going on in his life. Through a few questions, she learned their father had passed away that week after battling a muggle illness called cancer. Mari's friends are hers to fiercely protect, in her eyes, and she helped him, simply by being there and loudly proclaiming that cancer would suffer her wrath if it took another life ever again (he had laughed loudly and smiled for the first time that week). She is mindful of others and thinks of how they feel.  She is of average intelligence and has a hard time remembering to study, but usually completes her homework. She enjoys reading for pleasure. She is also very ambitious, hoping to design robes for all affairs and for witches and wizards of all sizes. In addition, she is very clumsy and tends to laugh at her mistakes.
Mari enjoys family nights. Her absolute favorite days are when her family takes a trip to Diagon Alley and tours the shops, eating Florean Fortescue's ice cream as they walk. Florean Fortescue's is one of her two favorite shops. The other is Madam Malkins. She loves to look at all the different fabrics and feel the different textures. It's especially lovely on a sunny day.
Marielle also enjoys playing outside with her siblings, puns (which she thinks are the world's greatest creation, but she never thinks of a good pun in time), and  about old magic. There's a rock circle on their family property that is carved with strange symbols that Mari finds intensely fascinating. She likes to sit in the circle when she does her homework. It makes her feel more focused.
She dislikes to see anyone hurting and absolutely hates when she cannot do anything for the person. She found a bird once that was dying, having fallen from a tree, and cried while she watched it struggle to breathe through its crushed lungs. Her parents had found her after she screamed as she initially noticed the bird, and they quickly healed it. She had hated not being able to do anything for the bird.
Mari has many skills, like playing football (not the American kind, which she thinks is a silly name for a game where you use hands, not your feet), winning wizards chess against her grand-papa (he forgets to look for her strategies), and fluently switching between French and English, but sometimes she gets excited and mixes the two.

Marielle Aveline Prince Nbt8xd

Traveling by portkey was Marielle’s least favorite mode of transportation. She much preferred flooing to get places, or even side-along apparition with her parents, even if it did make her sick. But portkey was definitely the worst. She hated the hooking feeling that started in her stomach and pulled her forward. However, it was the easiest mode of transportation for international travel, like traveling to her grand-maman and grand-papa’s, and seeing them was worth the uneasy feeling she would have in her stomach for the few hours after their arrival. Little Luc seemed to like portkey even less than she did, as he loudly wailed when they arrived and rubbed a small spot on his stomach. Maman would smile at him and smooth back his blonde hair, inherited from her, and whisper soothing sounds in his ear to calm him down.

Once they arrived, Mari ran towards her grandparents’ home. It was situated outside Paris, on a quiet country road. The stone home was surrounded by manicured lawns, beautiful gardens full of flowers, and a tall wild service tree in the front of the house. Mari ran up to the front door, where her grand-maman waited and she hugged her grand-maman. Mari kissed her grand-maman’s cheek before throwing herself at her grand-papa and swinging herself around to hang on his back. She smiled cheekily at her papa and maman over his broad shoulder.

"Grand-maman! Grand-papa!" She had shouted once situated over her grand-papa's shoulder. "Guess what I got in the mail?! That's right! My letter to Hogwarts!" She explained before they were even given a chance to guess.

She let herself drop down off her grand-papa's shoulders to help André climb up onto his shoulders. She beamed up at them after her announcement, announcing, "Papa et maman are bringing me shopping in Diagon Alley for my supplies in June! Isn't that exciting? I'm going to get a wand, and books, and potions things, and even some new robes! Isn't that so super cool?!"
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PostSubject: Re: Marielle Aveline Prince   Marielle Aveline Prince EmptySun May 15, 2016 8:57 pm

Accepted! Welcome! I'm on mobile, so I'll do the pretty version later after work! Razz

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Marielle Aveline Prince
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