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 Too Much Staircases (Blake)

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Too Much Staircases (Blake) Empty
PostSubject: Too Much Staircases (Blake)   Too Much Staircases (Blake) EmptySat Apr 05, 2014 2:45 pm

Lance was having trouble finding the Middle Courtyard. He hated not knowing the place by now.  He was taking his books outside so he can get some fresh air while reading, but that was unsuccessful.  "I should have gotten a map to this place.", he thought aloud. Trying not to run in to people, he made his way through the corriders, being very shy and trying not to panic. What if he can't find his way back? As he continued walking through the hallways, he bumped into a second year Gryffindor boy, and dropped his books. "Um, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to disturb you.", he said as he picked up the books and blushed.
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Blake Ralston

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Too Much Staircases (Blake) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Too Much Staircases (Blake)   Too Much Staircases (Blake) EmptySat Apr 05, 2014 10:04 pm

Blake was making the long trek from the dungeons back up to the common room. As much as he was enjoying potions now and his extra help he really didn't like the long journey back to the common room. Although the trip to the astronomy tower was worse he reasoned with himself. The long and winding staircases always left him feeling dizzy.

Blake kept his head down, concentrating on returning to the common room and thinking about the mountain of work that was going to greet him. Maybe he could make a pit stop into the library as he could possibly get some research done first. Well that was a lie he thought, grinning to himself. he couldn't remember the last time he had worked on a paper, never mind in the library.

As he contemplated how much time to spend in the library someone bumped into him, Blake was only getting a bearing on his surroundings as the boy picked up his things. He reaslied he hadn't made it far from the dungeons at all. "Oh no that's alright." Blake said, looking down at who had actually bumped into him. "I was probably at fault too." Blake admitted seeing as he really wasn't watching where he was heading. He also noticed that the boy appeared embarrassed and he brushed off the incidence knowing that making it anymore awkward for the boy would do more harm than good. "Lance, right? I'm Blake." Blake recognised the boy from the year below, but had never had the pleasure of talking to him before. Well he seemed nice and it was about time he fixed that! "What have you got there?" Blake questioned, gesturing to the books in the Gryffindor's hands.

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Too Much Staircases (Blake)
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