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 Careless [ Closed ]

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PostSubject: Careless [ Closed ]   Careless [ Closed ] EmptySat Nov 02, 2013 5:58 am

It was gone.

How could she have lost it? How could she have lost her most prized possession, the beautiful, simple necklace that hung from her neck everyday? Lillian had never taken it off, not once since she had received it -- but as she reached to fiddle with the jewel as she always did when in deep thoughts, she was completely taken aback when there was no jewel, no chain, nothing. It couldn't have been stolen, she would have noticed.. wouldn't she?

She had been searching for the past half hour, looking in every nook and cranny, desperate and frantic to find the last thing her grandmother had given her. If she lost it -- the girl couldn't even bear to think about it. The 11-year-old was now closely searching a new hallway, not even once looking up or bothering to acknowledge the strange looks she received as few students passed by. She had to find it, she just had to, but in this gigantic school and seeing as how it apparently vanished, it was going to be impossible to look for it on her own..

Lillian gave a long, deep sigh, now upset for the first time during her new term. She leaned against the cold sturdy wall and closed her eyes, trying to make sure she was still sane. The halfblood girl stood there for quite a while, relieved to remember that she had plenty of time to search for the necklace before her next class. But that didn't improve things much -- she needed someone to help her, but as she opened her eyes and peered down the hallway, trying to listen for footsteps, she couldn't make out anything coming her way.

Maybe it was just her imagination. Maybe if she closed her eyes again, counted to three, and reached for her necklace, it would be there. The girl did just that, but as she murmured the third number and felt for the charm, her heart sank to her feet yet again as it had not reappeared.

Shame on her.

Closed to myself and Ryder.
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PostSubject: Re: Careless [ Closed ]   Careless [ Closed ] EmptySun Nov 03, 2013 8:21 pm

Ryder had just escaped his Transfiguration class, and was looking forward to the two hours of relaxation that he had before Potions began. He had darted from the classroom the moment the bell rang; he was going to grab his broomstick from his dormitory and spend some time at the Quidditch Pitch. He hadn't gotten a chance to fly in quite some time. The hallways weren't busy, and he took advantage of the emptiness to walk faster than usual, loosening his tie as he strode down the corridor.

Making a bend, his eyes traveled to a girl leaning against a wall in the otherwise empty corridor. He would have passed her up, intent on making it to the Pitch in time to get a good hour of flying in, if it weren't for the distressed sound that she made. He slowed to a halt and kept his eyes on the girl as she closed her eyes and mumbled under her breath, her hand reaching toward her chest. He tilted his head as he watched her, unsure if he should bother her.

After a moment, he shrugged to himself and stepped forward, leaning confidently against the wall beside the girl and crossing one ankle over the other. "Alright there?" he asked, raising an eyebrow at the girl. He allowed his eyes to take in her features momentarily. She was a first year, and Ryder was pretty sure that she had been sorted into Gryffindor. Her hair fell in soft chocolate waves over her shoulders. He would find her very pretty, he was quite sure, if she didn't look so distressed.

I mean, I could be wrong about this, I'm no mind reader... but you look a little upset," he said, flashing a grin at the dark-haired girl. Then, allowing his grin to fade to a smaller, more sympathetic smile, he continued, "Can I help you somehow?" His eyes glanced over the girl once more, curiously wondering what was bothering her. Then, as though he'd forgotten something crucial, he spoke up one more time. "Oh, I'm Ryder, by the way! Ryder Anderson."
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PostSubject: Re: Careless [ Closed ]   Careless [ Closed ] EmptyFri Nov 22, 2013 6:01 am

The halfblood had been in such distress that she had not noticed a (a minute right after she had glanced down the hall) boy somewhere around her age come to a slow stop as he took notice of her, nor did she realize how odd she probably looked. It was only after hearing his voice that her aquamarine eyes snapped open, open slightly wide with curiosity and surprise. She had hoped for someone to come and help her -- and now, here someone was. He was offering her a charming smile and introducing himself as Ryder Anderson.

Lillian gave an inaudible sigh before a tired little smile played on her lips, however the twinkle in her eyes had not faded. "Sorry, sorry, I didn't mean to scare you or anything." the brunette apologized lightly, pushing a strand of dark auburn hair out of her eyes as they took a minute to study the newly-named Ryder's posture. He seemed genuine and honestly concerned with what was wrong with her, and the girl's worries faded away just a bit. Perhaps he could be of help.

"Well, you're not wrong, at least-- I am kind of upset." Giving a glance around the room once more, as if she had suddenly forgotten where she was, her hand reached to fiddle with her necklace until she remembered that was exactly what she was looking for, and instead fiddled with the tip of her chocolate brown hair. "I'm Lillian -- Lillian Edeson. Pleasure to meetcha." the halfblood offered a grin before continuing. "I hope I'm not being a bother, but yes, you can."

"It's not much of a complicated request, I think," the Gryffindor added sheepishly, "but I've lost my favorite necklace and I can't seem to find it anywhere." Pausing to furrow her brows lightly, as if she were trying to make sense of a somewhat difficult riddle, she added, "Y'haven't seen it by any chance, have you? It doesn't have anything but a blue-green jewel hanging from it."
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PostSubject: Re: Careless [ Closed ]   Careless [ Closed ] Empty

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Careless [ Closed ]
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