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 Popcorn Smells (One-shot, TW: thoughts of abortion)

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Aeva Rivière
Aeva Rivière

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Popcorn Smells (One-shot, TW: thoughts of abortion) Empty
PostSubject: Popcorn Smells (One-shot, TW: thoughts of abortion)   Popcorn Smells (One-shot, TW: thoughts of abortion) EmptySat Apr 09, 2016 5:35 pm

March 2034

Aeva sat snuggled up under on a small blanket on the couch, her eyes drooping slowly as the supposedly horror filled paranormal movie droned on in the background. She had promised someone, who was no longer important, that she would watch this movie alone in the dark without being frightened and that was what she was now doing. Maddy was off somewhere, where didn't matter mostly because Aeva didn't care. She was frightened, in fact she even laughed at some points and now she was apparently falling asleep. Most likely because it was a Friday evening and she'd worked all week but she wouldn't let that stop her.

The red head moaned and shoved herself off the couch, pausing the movie as she did and made her way to the kitchen. Food would keep her awake, at least until it was gone then Aeva would probably be more tired than before. She tossed a bag of extra buttery popcorn in the microwave and soon the fumes filled the room and her nostrils, and she was turning green. Certainly it wasn't bad and she didn't have food poisoning did she? The girl clutched her gut willing the wave of nausea to go away but as the popcorn cooked, she found it only grew worse. It was just her luck to get sick on her off weekend.  

Perhaps she'd gotten a case of the Dragon Pox or something while she was at work, or maybe she'd been exposed to something she wasn't used to or maybe the cafeteria food had soiled and the workers had not properly inspected it yet. There were numerous options as to why she could be feeling the way she was but as her mind though of more and more, her stomach ripped itself apart and sent her running to the downstairs bathroom. What had she eaten today? Pizza, cherry pie, meatballs, a salad and Coke; the usual, nothing out of the ordinary. Sitting back on her heels, she slowed her breathing, the evidence of what she'd eaten all laid in front of her and as she fought to stand and regain her balance, she flushed the toilet and washed her mouth with some mouthwash.

This wasn't detrimental enough to have to be seen at Mungo's, yet if this were to go on all weekend it would certainly be a pain in the ass. She thought about texting Hunter to bring her some saltines and ginger-ale, but then she remembered that he was currently in a different place in life than she was right now and she decided against it. Besides, he was likely cuddled up with what's her face, The Little Mermaid, the wild one. Aeva wasn't really good with names but that was fine because she'd likely never meet this wild girl and that was perfectly okay. Especially since it was like a current meeting an ex, even though her and Hunter had never actually been together or planned on it. They were more of friends with benefits.

And then the red head paused. When was her last period? She counted back on her fingers, almost six weeks ago meaning she was - late? But no, that couldn't be possible unless it was the stress of all the working and shit that she had been doing but still, Aeva was regular and besides her and Hunter had broken things off several months ago, before Christmas even happened so that means that she couldn't be pregnant right? However then she remembered Mo, that charming model that swept her off her feet last month after she'd had a few drinks. He had the best smile and the funniest personality and he was likely to father to a possible child that Aeva couldn't even bare to begin thinking about because Aeva hated children.

To calm herself down, she decided it was definitely best to get a test and take it because certainly she wasn't pregnant Mo had used protection, right? She tried to think back but couldn't, that night was too foggy, likely the side effects of Aeva being a borderline alcoholic whenever there was Firewhiskey and the like involved. Much to Aeva's dismay, the results of her impromptu pregnancy test didn't calm her but freaked her out even more because there was a big, fat '+' sign on the screen. She didn't know what she was going to do, she didn't want a child, certainly not with her sister threatening to pop at any second. She didn't have the career for a child or the home, she didn't have the father in her life and she didn't have the support she would need for her own emotional needs. She couldn't tell Maddy because she'd want her to keep it, however it felt wrong to get rid of a child without first letting the father know and so, she decided that before making a decision, she would do her best to find Mo. Aeva decided to make a visit to a clinic, mostly because her sister worked at Mungo's so she couldn't be seen there. The clinic was semi-crowded but eventually, Aeva was called back and administered a blood test as it would be more accurate than her urine. The wait for the results were even longer than the two minutes it had taken for the stick test and when she received them, she was more than relieved. She wasn't pregnant, it was just the stress of her job and the test she had taken was faulty. Aeva felt a weight lift off her shoulders and when it did, she apparated back to her home, grateful that she wouldn't have to bring a child into such a world as the one she lived in.

Popcorn Smells (One-shot, TW: thoughts of abortion) Aeva2_zpsz4guv00x
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Popcorn Smells (One-shot, TW: thoughts of abortion)
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