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PostSubject: Welcome disturbance?   Welcome disturbance? EmptySun May 25, 2014 5:09 pm

As Morgana was wrapping up for the day, she looked to see the boss standing behind the counter. She was glad she didn't have to take a late shift today. She had a bit of homework to do. She had brought her satchel to work today, and she had gotten to do some of it, but it had been a particularly busy day. She looked into her bag. She had some potions, some dada, some charms. Of course, the Charms thing was a group project, but still, she had a feeling she'd have to come up with some spells to use.

She left the Ice Cream Parlour with a lazy wave thrown over her shoulder at the boss and the door closed behind her. Hogsmeade. It was a couple of kilometers to the school. Not that this was so much, but she had a feeling she'd be highly demotivated for homework when she'd reach the castle. She stood still for a moment, considering her options. She could go back to the castle, and be tired and probably just get a 99% point score, or she could sit down in some of these places and get a 100% score. Her choice was obvious as her eyes landed on the Three Broomsticks sign. A butterbeer would be good as well.

So she walked along the street and into the bar/dining cafe and sat down by a slightly remote table. It wasn't filled with a hundred people, thank Merlin, so she could easily focus on her job. She wondered if she should go on over to the counter to order, but didn't have to ponder that for long as footsteps coming towards her made their presence known. She looked up and quickly recognized Ryland. Right, he worked here. She'd forgotten about that fact. She put on a pleasant face, or a more pleasant face than her monotone face. "Hello," she said calmly.

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