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 ~Raven Aster Willow~

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Raven Willow
Fourth Year
Fourth Year
Raven Willow

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My Character
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~Raven Aster Willow~ Empty
PostSubject: ~Raven Aster Willow~   ~Raven Aster Willow~ EmptyThu Mar 24, 2016 4:03 pm

~Raven Aster Willow~ 2m7urmw

~Raven Aster Willow~ Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRLlLUBK1H8zNWSjL8a-v9tV1yEdTieLaYKh1uNRpSWprCyo_jokw
Raven Aster Willow

~Raven Aster Willow~ 19s5f8

Full Name: Raven Aster Willow (Ray-ven As-tear Will-o)
Nickname: Ray
Gender: Cis Female (she/her pronouns)
Sexuality: Hetero-Demisexual.
Birthday: October 13th, 2017.
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Age: Fifteen
Blood: Pureblood
Birth Place: Seattle, Washington.
Nationality: British/Canadian.

~Raven Aster Willow~ 9qbsdu

Family: Raven's father is the one and only British wizard Daniel Bradley Willow. Her mother, is the Canadian Pureblood witch by the name of Lilith Genevieve Asher. It was upon a trip to the US that the two met, Daniel wanting to follow his lifelong dream of traveling. The two talked, and, well, magic happened. Two years went by and the two of them were madly in love. It was upon an accident in which Lilith broke her grandmother's antique vase that she simply pointed her wand at the object and say the word: "Reparo." The young woman assumed that her husband to be was still in the kitchen fixing a cup of tea, but instead, she turned to find him standing a few feet behind her, tea in hand.

"D-danny, darling, I-i can explain," she began.
"No need my sweet, I understand," he replied. The woman now had a strange look of curiosity on her face.
"What do you mean?"
"Why, I'm a wizard from Britain. Surely your brilliant mind can put two and two together," the man said, placing the tea on the table. With a wave of relief rushing over her, Lilith gave her husband to be a unexpected hug.
"Well, amongst this... I have another surprise for you."
"And what might this be."
"Daniel, I'm pregnant." Suddenly, Daniel lifted the woman off the ground, spinning her around in joy like one might do a child.
"This has to be one of the greatest days of my life," he exclaimed.
The couple was married not a month later, and in another six months time, were blessed with their blue eyed child.

The new family stayed in Seattle for another year after the birth of the child until moving back to London in the year of 2018.

Bloodline History: Daniel Willow is her father, and is related to the Malfoy’s by marriage, as he is a third cousin of Astoria Greengrass. The Willows are a pureblood family originating from London England, the History going back to 700 years, when Britain was known as the British Isles. The Asher family, however, does not go back as far, but instead only 300 years.

History: Raven was born in Seattle, Washington, USA. However, her family moving back to London just over a year after her birth, she does not remember it all that well. Raised in London, she always has considered herself to be a Brit. Her family made of nothing but purebloods, her parents are actually more ‘down to earth’ than most, -with the exception of her father being true to his Slytherin heritage- and the child took part in more muggle related activities than she likes to admit, though fully aware of what she was and her full potential. At the age of five, the girl started year one, and up until the age of 12, when she received her Hogwarts letter, attended a muggle school. After doing her studies, her father would take her into the study and show her his old schooling books, as well as demonstrate spells for her.

When Raven did receive her Hogwarts letter, it was the greatest day of her life. Finally, she could attend the school that her father had told her about all of her life and see if the legends were true. The trip to Diagon alley was nothing but the greatest adventure that the child could think of. It was here that she acquired her wand made of Redwood, a 10 ⅓ inches long with a Dragon Heartstring core.

It was upon returning home from Hogwarts that she found that her father had turned to drinking, and her mother staying far away from his as possible. Their marriage was no longer happy, and the two more or less despised each other. Going back to Hogwarts with a heavy heart, Raven soon kept to her studies more and more, and became antisocial for practically her second half of first year all the way until year three. This was when she met her true friend, Alva Zolkin, a darling Gryffindor whom brightened up her world. The two could be seen going everywhere together, and still can, really, in their fourth year.

~Raven Aster Willow~ 1zecfhc

Appearance: Standing at five foot, three inches tall (1.62 meters) and weighing one-hundred seventeen pounds (53 kilograms) Raven has sapphire blue, deep set eyes. Her face a soft heart shape, her blonde hair falls halfway down her back in light waves ; however, most of the time it can be seen straightened. Under her robes, the girl is typically dressed in a band t-shirt, ripped skinny jeans and converse. In short, her style would come off as punk-ish.

Make-up is something that Raven does use, and her style of it consists of heavy eyeliner, mascara and dark or metallic eyeshadow.

Personality: Raven is a natural lover of being in the spotlight. With looks that can kill, the girl has learned that she can get almost anyone to do whatever she wants, just by flashing a charming smile at them. Of course, Raven learned that face at a very young age and have been using her charm ever since. There is really no shame in her game as to when it comes to manipulating people as she will not hesitate when it comes to using her charm to get whatever she desires. Ravens’ confidence does not mean that she is overly arrogant or cocky, it just means that she walks with a certain presence as she is not afraid of himself. While others may be afraid of glancing in the mirror or doing whatever, Raven is not. The girl does not go around rubbing his accomplishments in other people's face, though strives hard in her work, due to her ambition.

Raven is a people person and is good at helping people feel included and welcome, despite Slytherins reputation. She remembers just about everyone that she meets and can form a friendship rather quickly, though she does have those few people she values above all else. The girl is a bit of a charmer and likes to make friends with just about everyone. She thrives off the energy of other people and is at home in large groups, everywhere from an outing, to a party, to a Quidditch match. While she is capable of holding a good conversation one-on-one, Rave tends to dominate a conversation in groups larger than three people. While friendly, Raven can be a bit hard to get to know, keeping her deepest emotions under lock and key.

Raven is ambitious in the sense that she wants to be her best self. She focuses on her talents and tries to work them to the best they can be so as to better suit her goals. Her ambition extends to her close friends. Not that she wants to surround himself with successful people, but when she sees her friends have a talent or interest or even what she feels is a shortcoming, she can't help but involve herself. Like herself, she wants them to be the best they can be. This leads her to do things like encouraging someone to "open up" or even signing them up to try out for the Quidditch team, even though she doesn’t open up herself, causing her to be contradictory in her actions. She simply does what she feels is best for someone, not always considering if it's what they want. Sure sometimes it works out, but other times she only ends up causing problems for them. Unfortunately, she simply just cannot understand why they can’t see it for themselves and have a different view of life and perhaps different wants and priorities. She loves new experiences. Raven will jump at the chance to see a new place, or eat a strange food, or to learn a new skill.

Raven likes rock music, -hence her band merch - and she likes it loud. Bands on her playlist would include: Paramore, Flyleaf, Three Days Grace, Sum 41, Icon For Hire, Halestorm, The Pretty Reckless, Bad Seed Rising, Halsey, Slipknot, Simple Plan, Shinedown and Skillet.
~Raven Aster Willow~ Nbt8xd

Raven woke up this morning bright eyed and bushy tailed- not even bothering to groan and turn of the alarm for the extra five minutes of sleep. Instead, the tiny figure realized that this was her first day back at Hogwarts. Flinging off the cover she decided to go with the flamboyant look today. After all, her paleness drew some attention and recognition, but, why not go for the extra mile? The girl would gather her clothing, go to the bathroom and shower. Getting out, she would pull her hair back into her famous high-set ponytail after blow drying it, leaving the bangs to do their own thing. After brushing her teeth, she would put on silver eyeshadow and a very considerable amount of eyeliner. With a quick positive huff and a smile in the mirror -practically jumping out of her skin with energy- she would go back to her bedroom in order to get her luggage.

Walking down the stairs, her mother would grab the car keys, drop her off at the train station, give her a peck on the forehead -wishing her luck for the school year- and then leave off for her job. Taking a leap through the wall to platform 9 and 3/4, she would see a few familiar faces: Slick, Eva and oh goodness... Lucas. First item on today's agenda: Avoid the boy at all costs before she killed him. She watched as Evangeline was hit in the shoulder by the boy, obviously painful by the look on her face. If he had just messed up the chances of Slytherin winning the first Quidditch game....

With a sigh, she would walk onto the train in order to find a compartment. In the process, she would pass by Eva. "Hope the shoulder's okay," she said, quickly. Continuing to walk down the aisle she would see a compartment that was open. Good, she had it completely and entirely to herself. Well, at least for the moment. Sitting down on the left side, placing the carrier box that currently held Argentum, the girl would pull out her phone, stick in her earbuds, and click on her playlist until someone else came along.
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Morgana Gaunt
Morgana Gaunt

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My Character
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~Raven Aster Willow~ Empty
PostSubject: Re: ~Raven Aster Willow~   ~Raven Aster Willow~ EmptyThu Apr 07, 2016 12:32 am

~Raven Aster Willow~ Slth
Welcome to Slytherin

Welcome to Slytherin! Your Common Room is located in the dungeons, that's where you will sleep and where you can meet all your fellow House members. Regarding academics, you have to take at least one core subject (Astronomy, Charms, Defence Against the Dark Arts, Herbology, History of Magic, Potions, Transfiguration and Potions), and you have to choose at least one of the two first-year elective classes (Divination or Care of Magical Creatures), though you can take both if you desire. Keep in mind that Flying Lessons are mandatory for first-years.

If you're interested you can also try out for the Slytherin Quidditch Team. First years are not allowed to play, but upon winning a spot on the team, they will be trained to have their first game in either their second or third year, depending on your captain.

~Raven Aster Willow~ 16405568865_355ed68750_o
Thanks to the amazing Jett!!

Slytherin Pride:

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~Raven Aster Willow~
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