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PostSubject: Premonitions. (CLOSED)   Premonitions. (CLOSED) EmptyThu Nov 19, 2015 3:35 am


Lucy's eyes settled on the girl in front of her. The girl looked nothing like Wade, but her eyes were just as blue, as clear sign of their relation. Shaking her head, Lucy glanced up at her cousin. "Are you...sure?" This was the second child in her family to have come up under unorthodox circumstances. The second. Ryland had Lucas, a boy that wasn't even his own, and now Wade was introducing her to his daughter. His four year old daughter. Whatever it was that was wrong with the Malfoy men, Lucy was glad she had been a woman. There was zero chance of her ever having to take care of a child. Zero. The girl looked up at Wade, her sparkling blue eyes so familiar to Lucy yet so strange. "Yes, I'm sure." Wade replied, his voice leaving an annoyed trailed as he finished his reply. Clearly, she had offended him. Biting back anything she knew could potentially harm the girl, Lucy lifted her own gaze from Wade.

By this point, it didn't bother her that he had a kid, because she knew him well enough to know that it was possible. Wade had never held back, and although he had tried to change, it was impossible. In a sort of twisted way, Lucy wasn't surprised to be standing in front of a kid bearing the Malfoy name. The real, biological Malfoy name. Looking back to them, Lucy saw the girl's hand reach up to Wade's, something that she herself had done to Phoenix when she was younger and scared of strangers. It was a very simple way of asking her father for protection. "Well, it's nice to meet you, Harmonia." Lucy finally managed a smile. Fake, but there. The girl smiled again, and because of her innocence she didn't have it in her to be an ass and give Lucy a fake smile.

Wade's voice broke Lucy's uneasiness. "Listen, I wouldn't have brought her to you." He looked tired, broken. "I couldn't give her back to Cynthia." Lucy had heard of Cynthia. She was Wade's girlfriend for a while, but when Wade stopped writing two years ago, she had assumed the two had broken up and Wade was once again on the run from whatever stupid thing he had gotten himself into. However, after the meeting with Ella, it was clear that he hadn't been running. He had found out about Harmonia James. Months after Wade had stopped writing, he continued where he and Lucy had left off - as if nothing had happened. And for two years, Lucy had never known about the girl nor did she hear about Eliza from then on. Whatever had been of the woman, whatever had made Wade keep Harmonia secret, was still a mystery to Lucy - a mystery she didn't want to figure out.

"Please, just take her. Just for a few days. Not even a week." He pleaded, and Lucy wanted to take the girl in just so he couldn't do that. It wasn't like him to beg, but it seemed that somewhere along the journey of becoming her father, Wade had learned that parents sacrifice. "It'll be easier if you don't go." Lucy replied, feeling the girl's gaze on her. After Phoenix's death, Lucy had become a little colder when it came to Wade, because Wade hadn't been there. He wasn't the one who found Phoenix dead. He wasn't the one who Lucy cried with. Why should she help him? "I can't. You know my father." Wade's response was so typical, however, that Lucy rejected him immediately. "No! You can't say no to Kellin - even if it means putting yourself in danger - and you just want me to take your child?" Fatherhood hadn't changed him. Wade was still handing his responsibilities to other people.

"No, just help me out." How could he be so calm? The only reason Lucy hadn't said anything to the Ministry was because she loved Wade as much as she loved Ryland. As fucked up as they were. Ideally, she would have apparated from there in an instant, gone to warn Rufford. But she couldn't. Wade was asking her to keep quiet, to help him out with his kid. And so Lucy did.

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Premonitions. (CLOSED)
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