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Charles E. Wellington III
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Full Name: Charles Edwin Wellington III (AKA Charlie)
Gender: Male
Birthday: November 1, 2021
Age: Eleven (though technically twelve at this point in the year Razz )
Blood: Muggleborn
Birth Place: London, England
Nationality: British

Charles Edwin Wellington III 9qbsdu


Charles Edwin Wellington II had been certain since birth to live comfortably for the rest of his life. Descending from a long line of highly important people, Charles II became the youngest man to ascend to Head of the Government in England, working closely with the King and Queen themselves, as well as the British Parliament. Although arranged marriages are a supposedly a thing of the past, it would be a lie to say that Charles’ marriage to Amelia wasn’t planned. However, it would also be a lie to say that either one particularly minded – Charles II was getting a beautiful and influential wife, and Amelia was getting a powerful husband with a very, very nice house. And although they didn’t love each other at the time of their marriage, they were satisfied with each other as husband and wife. As was expected of them, they had their first and only child quickly, and were both ecstatic to bear a boy on their first attempt.


From the moment he was born, Charles Edwin Wellington III was expected to follow in his father’s footsteps – as if his name didn’t imply that on its own. The Wellingtons were powerful, influential and rich, and as a child Charlie wanted for absolutely nothing. He had the most sophisticated toys, the most exquisite food, and the most sought after teachers that England had to offer – so, basically, Charlie had no real childhood. It wasn’t that his parents weren’t caring – they cared a lot. About what he wore, how he spoke. That he was well educated. But caring and loving were very different things, and Charlie’s relationship with his parents lacked the latter from the very start. The Wellingtons were an amiable family – they got along well enough, and hardly fought. But his parents never seemed to understand Charlie’s deep yearning for real affection from them.

Because of this division between them, growing up had been a frustrating and lonely experience. Being an only child with private tutors for all of his subjects, Charlie never got to play with other children. In all honesty, it was likely that he hadn’t even really met more than one or two other children in his lifetime. So, with no siblings and parents too busy to pay him any mind, the next closest thing Charlie had to family was the maid, Ophelia, and his small collection of private tutors – all of whom played a greater part in raising him than his parents did themselves.

Having all of the most expensive toys was great, but quickly grew old, and Charlie became disinterested with them at a very young age. He preferred instead to focus on his studies, or play one of his many classical instruments, or read. In an attempt to please his parents, Charlie became incredibly well rounded as he grew older, greatly surpassing the expectations of his tutors. By the age of ten, Charlie could do rather complex algebra, play the cello, the clarinet and the piano masterfully, and could speak three languages in addition to his own – German, French and Dutch. However, no matter how hard Charlie tried to earn his parent’s affection, he failed. They were simply too busy, and maybe he was simply not good enough. Whatever the reason, Charlie’s accomplishments went nearly unnoticed by them.

Shortly after his tenth birthday, just when Charlie had all but given up and accepted that he was destined to live a successfully but lonely life, something very interesting happened. For his birthday, his parents had bough him a kitten – an orange striped one – that Charlie had instantly loved. He’d named it Teddy and had spend every waking moment with it since. After all, Teddy was a living creature that Charlie could spend time with when he wasn’t in his studies – and Teddy seemed to love Charlie as much as Charlie loved him. It only took days for them to become best friends – and unfortunately, it only took weeks for Charlie’s parents to realize that he was allergic to Teddy. Charlie was allergic to everything, so it wasn’t much of a surprise.

When they insisted that Charlie give Teddy up, he barricaded himself in his bedroom, hugging Teddy tightly to him to keep his parents from taking his new friend away. But, stacking all the toys in the world in front of his door wasn’t enough to keep his dad from eventually barging in. And just when Charlie was sure Teddy would be ripped from his grasp, his father stopped. Or, more like, was stopped. Charlie stared on in amazement as what seemed to be an invisible wall prevented his father from reaching him. And no matter how hard his father tried, he couldn’t get to Charlie and Teddy! While much confusion resulted from the strange occurrence, more good came out of it. Because, first of all, Charlie kept Teddy. But, more importantly, Charlie received a very important letter in the mail only days later!

Though his parents thought it was a joke at first, it soon became clear that it wasn’t. And although Charles and Amelia put up a fight about sending their prestigious son to a school for witches and wizards, the headmaster eventually had his way. And, before long, Charlie was on his way to Hogwarts, terrified of what the future held for him but excited at the idea of finally making friends.
Charles Edwin Wellington III 1zecfhc


Charlie is is tall and gangly, with brown hair and brown eyes, which both stand out far less than his big glasses that he has to wear, as his vision is terrible without them. They’re a bit oversized, and always tend to slide down his nose. He generally dresses very nicely, and always according to dress code, as he is used to from his upbringing. All of his clothes are of high quality – his parents had been sure of that - but his clean cut attire normally only makes him look dorky and uncool.


Most rich, spoiled children in Charlie's position end up with some quirk to show for it when they get older. Some think that they're above the rest of their peers. Some act out in terrible ways for attention. Some, like Charlie, tuck their disappointment and loneliness deep down and hope that some day, the people who they love will love them back. No matter how someone handles such a situation, one thing is true for all of them - no matter how they act, they very rarely feel whole. Charlie, though he wants desperately to fit in with the people he's bound to meet at Hogwarts, is above all else terrified to be tossed in among so many people without the slightest bit of help or advice. Charlie never had any friends his age, because his parents never had time for him to have friends as he grew up. Charlie's never gone to a real school with real people because his whole life, he had private tutors. And, worst of all, Charlie had no idea how to do any magic, because his parents were both muggles.

The first thing that his peers would probably notice about Charlie is that he is incredibly withdrawn. Well, maybe that wasn't true. The first thing they would notice about him was probably that he was always sniffling, because the list of things he was allergic to was longer than the train ride to the school itself. But after that, they would notice how withdrawn he was. Between trying and failing to gain his parents' affection time and time again, and his lack of any real social interaction at home, Charlie has an incredibly hard time making friends, even when someone approaches him first. He tends to distrust people from the beginning, sure that nobody would talk to him simply because they might like him or want to be friends. At the same time, he wants friends more deeply than anything else, and he's likely to go out of his way to earn approval from his peers, despite not necessarily expecting it to accomplish anything. However, it's unlikely that Charlie would truly open up to anybody who he didn't deem completely and wholey trustworthy.

While magic is completely different from anything Charlie had learned before, his work ethic is exceptional as a result of how often he'd thrown himself into his studies at home. So, it's very likely that Charlie will be near the top of his class in most things at Hogwarts as well - especially since he's afraid to spend much of his time with people. He'd be far more likely to be found hiding in some secluded nook with his nose in a book than he would hanging out in the common room with the rest of his housemates. And of course, Charlie can rarely be found without Teddy. Charlie has a deep attachment to his cat, and feels more secure when Teddy is with him, so he normally takes him everywhere except for class.

Charlie is good at most intellectual and artistic things, like music, writing, art and math - all things that are deemed almost completely unnecessary at Hogwarts. But that wouldn't stop Charlie from practicing them in his spare time. Secretly and quietly of course, where nobody can see him. Charlie tends to do a lot of things hidden away from people, because he fears others' judgement - and he's sure that if they can see him, they're judging him. Because who wouldn't judge the nerdy kid with the allergies and the cat and the glasses that draws and likes algebra and is a master of the violin? No, in Charlie's mind, nobody in their right mind would want to be seen with him. His own parents didn't want to be seen with him, so why should anyone else?

Still, there's something about Hogwarts that Charlie is almost looking forward to, though he can't put his finger on what it is. Maybe, just the possibility of moving on from the loneliness of home is enough to give him a little hope for the future.

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Nevertheless........I - SUZZY THE FRIENDLY SOMETIMES PRETTY NOT FRIENDLY ADMIN ACCEPTS YOU. In case this needs to be accepted by someone else other than him. Which I'm not sure. JUST PUT A ROLEPLAY SAMPLE AT SOME POINT.

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Charles Edwin Wellington III
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