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 Victoria Magnus

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Victoria Magnus

Victoria Magnus

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PostSubject: Victoria Magnus   Victoria Magnus EmptyThu Oct 15, 2015 6:15 pm

center]Victoria Magnus 2m7urmw[/center]

Victoria Magnus
Victoria Magnus 19s5f8

Full Name: Victoria Amelia Magnus
Gender: Female
Birthday: 14th February
Age:  11
Blood: Pureblood
Birth Place: Galway, Ireland - Home is Eyrecourt Castle
Nationality: Irish

Victoria Magnus 9qbsdu

Family: Jace and Elizabeth Magnus had met during their years of education at Durmstrang and hit it off straight away, becoming a couple by their third year and when graduation came and went, Victoria and her twin brother, Damon were born.

Bloodline History: The Magnus family is an old pureblood family, having been around since the very beginning of Ireland's human life. They were mainly alchemists of sorts, making potions to heal those in need and practised in the art of Runes. Victoria, despite it having been so long ago, is incredibly grand at knowing the language. The family has a close bond, often having twenty or more relatives in the house but over the years, the bond stretched and thinned leaving only Jace, Elizabeth and the twins but they did not mind.

History: Victoria and Damon were born on the coldest night in Ireland, a storm was on them making the windows shake as the rain pounded against the glass but Elizabeth kept on going. Despite her weak body, she gave birth and it was as if the Gods shined upon them. The rain spotted, a single ray of sunshine dancing across their bloody bodies as they let out a single wail. From that moment on, Jace and Elizabeth found themselves blessed with intelligent and beautiful children who would run around causing trouble.

During their childhood, the twins would play pranks on each other after the long hours of studying different subjects. Victoria took a shine to Runes whilst Damon took a shine to Alchemy. Together, they bonded over history and art, music and science and everything in between. They would ride horses on the weekends of summer and in winter, sled on the thick blanket of snow to their hearts content. Damon preferred the summer, his blond hair matching the season well whilst Victoria preferred the winter, her black as night hair standing out in the snow. She had inherited the colour from their father, same with her eyecolour; a beautiful hazel that almost looked gold in the sun.

Despite her happy life, Victoria yearned to go to Durmstrang, to be free so when her letter from Hogwarts arrived, she was upset. She wished to see the halls her parents walked but knowing her twin wanted to go, she agreed, wanting to protect and cherish him always. Now her new life awaits, curiosity couldn't help but creep in to see what it'll be like.

Victoria Magnus 1zecfhc

Appearance: Victoria has midnight black hair that goes down to her waist, making her pale, ivory skin stand out. She's 5'5 and slender but properly looking, you can see she has a muscular figure. She doesn't mind her height, knowing she'd grow taller but hopefully not much. She loves leather, red checkered button up shirts and normal skinny jeans with combat boots but does wear dresses whenever she is at a formal dinner. She likes band logos also, along with things that could, if need be, hurt someone.

Personality: Victoria is, in short, simply strange. Her moods can vary on her company, often aggressive and angry to those who are rude, bratty and would throw themselves onto people for attention. But other times, she can be protective, curious about the person's behaviour to see if they need help or not and to follow off on that, she is caring. She is cunning and if she needs to be, manipulative and sly, as well as untrusting. Ever since she was a child, she tried to be as independent as possible only relying on her twin.

There is a flaw to this caring business. She is only caring to those who have sneaked into her heart which right now is only her family. She is intelligent but doesn't show it, often hiding behind her sarcastic attitude to make sure no one notices her. She spends most of her time in the library or the forest, enjoying the earth in every season.

Victoria is talented in arts, designing the tattoos she wants in the future along with Runes. She speaks fluent Latin and other languages, finding that she slips into latin a few times. She also spurts out random quotes that fit the situation well.

She's a calm soul, her words as soothing as a calming breeze. Her voice is like smooth liquor running down your throat. Her forever cold skin almost as soothing as her words, doesn't startle people when they touch it. They touch it more and more, relaxing into her, allowing her to wrap herself around your mind in the most delightful of ways. Her relaxing aura does her best to allow her to see everything about you. She rarely touches anyone as it makes her feel uncomfortable and she hides her face behind her raven hair, so people, if they ever got close, would like her for her. Not her looks.

Victoria dislikes idiots, preferring an intellectual conversation and if she witnesses someone being bullied, she will step in often physically. She has an incredibly short temper despite her calm attitude and if something sets her off, it'll take a lot to calm her down.

Victoria Magnus Nbt8xd

On the cold night, a figure sat on the top of the tower's roof enjoying the calm breeze and town folk could see from their houses the body's silhouette against the large full moon with a light laugh. They knew of their little 'princess' and her obsession with the night and the moon. Suddenly a second figure joined and the villagers felt peace, knowing that her twin now joined her so they went on with her business.

Up on the roof, Victoria had her eyes closed with a light smile on her face that quickly faded once she heard someone going onto the roof but it returned, feeling the warm embrace of her twin brother. "What's wrong this time, Ria?" Damon muttered into his sister's ear as she nuzzled into his neck, shrugging at his question. "I don't want to go to Hogwarts, Damon...I want to go to Durmstrang like mother and father." Victoria exclaimed, stroking the crow that rested on her lap. Damon lightly touched the crow's beak, listening to it almost purr at the gentle touches before he kissed his twin's forehead. He was older by three minutes and fourteen seconds but he acted as if he was three years older. Something Victoria was not against. "Sometimes we have to do things we don't like. Besides, you'll be with me. I'm sure you'll like it after a year or so." Damon tried to reassure, resting his lips against her hairline just as she moved into his lap.

The twins heard their names being called and knowing his sister was not in the mood, Damon lifted up Victoria with the crow that was now nestled in her hoodie pocket and carried her down the stairs to their parents. "On the roof again, Vic?" Their father, Jace, announced with an amused chuckle and the nearly eleven year old nodded into her brothers neck who sighed, putting her onto their father's lap. Victoria was close to their father, just like Jace was close to their mother but together, they all shared an incredibly close bond. "Do I have to go?" Victoria mumbled into Jace's ear and he sighed gently, catching Elizabeth's attention before she went back to stroking her son's golden hair. "Yes, Victoria...You need to. I know you want to go to Durmstrang but we want you to stay close. Besides, Hogwarts will be good for you. Your mother's family went there until they moved to send your mother to Durmstrang." Jace explained, kissing her temple; an act that soothed the young girl.

The twins soon fell asleep, Victoria's dreams troubled as she dreamt of going to Hogwarts whilst Jace dreamt with excitement, raring to go with his twin sister.
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The Sorting Hat

The Sorting Hat

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PostSubject: Re: Victoria Magnus   Victoria Magnus EmptyMon Oct 19, 2015 2:28 pm

Victoria Magnus Slth
Welcome to Slytherin

Welcome to Slytherin! Your Common Room is located in the dungeons, that's where you will sleep and where you can meet all your fellow House members. Regarding academics, you have to take at least one core subject (Astronomy, Charms, Defence Against the Dark Arts, Herbology, History of Magic, Potions, Transfiguration and Potions), and you have to choose at least one of the two first-year elective classes (Divination or Care of Magical Creatures), though you can take both if you desire. Keep in mind that Flying Lessons are mandatory for first-years.

If you're interested you can also try out for the Slytherin Quidditch Team. First years are not allowed to play, but upon winning a spot on the team, they will be trained to have their first game in either their second or third year, depending on your captain.
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Victoria Magnus
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