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 Damien Loves John (For the Mysterious People)

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Damien Lewis

Damien Lewis

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Damien Loves John (For the Mysterious People) Empty
PostSubject: Damien Loves John (For the Mysterious People)   Damien Loves John (For the Mysterious People) EmptyMon Aug 03, 2015 7:07 pm

Damien hadn’t done anything worth noting in months. His days had consisted mainly of eating, sleeping and drinking himself back to sleep again. Other than occasionally showing up to reaper meetings, his life had no point at the minute. He missed the excitement of doing stuff, and going places, and killing people. He was itching to kill someone, to feel that thrilling feeling in his veins when he said that simple phrase and destroyed someone's life, watching them fall before him. He had the power to do that, to decide someone's fate and rip a family apart simply by pointing his wand at someone. What had happened to those days, where he killed ten, fifteen people in an hour, just for the fun of it? He was sick of sitting there and doing nothing, and the absence of that feeling in his veins was frustrating.

When he'd heard about the plans for an attack on the ministry, he had been, quite honestly, ecstatic. Finally, a chance to get out of his tiny apartment and do something more interesting than making his way through several bottles of vodka in a night. And what was brilliant about it was that not only would he get to kill loads of people, they would be people that worked in the ministry, which would make it ten times more fun and satisfactory. Ministry workers were so easy to hate. Not that Damien was ever picky about his victims or who they were. Also, this would most likely lead to way more killing sprees, what with it being such a huge statement for the reapers, and the start of something big, and an event that would kill a lot of significant people off and make everyone else hate them. Such fun!

He made sure to be completely punctual and prepared on the day - he'd got way too excited about this whole thing, but at least it meant he was ready, and way less likely to die than if he'd been more casual. There was no way any old geezer from the ministry could beat him in a duel anyway, he was completely safe here. Standing among the rest of the reapers, he watched James skeptically, wondering whether he had any actual plans, or whether it would just be chaos. He didn't care much either way. His silent question was answered, though. A group to the Department of Mysteries. Cool. There was weird mysterious shit there, right? He could blow stuff up and kill the idiots that worked there. Killing two birds with one stone. But the birds weren't birds, they were people. Why would he kill a bird? Birds were great. But his mind was going off topic. He turned his head back to James, and that guy John. Man, John was amazing. Damien wanted to be just like John some day.

Joining the stream of reapers heading for the ministry, he didn't take his time going through the entrance. He was pretty sure James had said something about taking a group - he wasn't sure, he'd been distracted by that beautiful man John - but anyone who wanted to could follow him, he could handle it himself if not. Mysteries wasn't a commonly discussed subject, so he had no idea what to expect when he got down there. The whole idea of that department was creepy as shit really, but he couldn't afford to be creeped out, he just needed to get down there, kill everyone in sight, then join everyone else to kill more ministry people in the atrium or wherever he could find the most victims. This was going to be great. The most fun he'd had in months, if not years.

Pushing his way through the masses, he headed for the lift, since he had no idea where the department actually was, and who had time for stairs? It showed up just in time, and he ran in and pressed the button for Mysteries, willing the lift to move faster, although the speed already made him feel dizzy. As soon as the door started to open, he was out in a flash. "Avada kedavra," he muttered, pointing his wand at an unsuspecting woman walking along the corridor. Watching her crumple to the floor, a manic grin spread across his face and he ran along the corridor to what looked like an entrance to the department. The black tiled walls, torches lighting the way and lack of any windows at all did add to the creepy effect of the place, but Damien ignored it all as he ran, totally hyped up to kill everyone. When he came to a door, he raised his wand and non-verbally blew up the door, deciding that if he was doing this, he was doing it in style.
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Damien Loves John (For the Mysterious People) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Damien Loves John (For the Mysterious People)   Damien Loves John (For the Mysterious People) EmptyThu Sep 03, 2015 3:02 am

John smiled as he put on his attire for the day. Today was THE day. Today was the day that shit would go down and he was a big part of it. The moment he had met James, he knew that they would do wonderful things together. And today, they were going to do great things. The people may not see them as great things, but what ever James's motive was, he was sure that it was going to be fulfilled. And they where going to get what ever they where after. All John knew was that they were going after the Minister. And John was supposed to go with James and the rest could fend for themselves and create havoc on the employees or whatever the fuck they called themselves. The people with lives. Lives that John was out to destroy! This thought made him laugh. He loved destroying lives. It gave him the greatest pleasure. He really was a sick bastard.

John straightened his tie, and attempted to do something with his hair, but it was pointless. He would be a wanted man here in a few short hours. After all this time he had tried to go undercover and not get caught with his wicked schemes, he never knew how much fun being noticed would be. He knew once he did this there was no going back. He was going to be wanted forever. He was doing the worse possible crime a wizard could commit. Killing or kidnapping the minister was nothing to joke about, and John knew how much of a sick bastard James was, and knew he would go through with this plan. James had about the same mental mindset as John did. They where similar in many ways, and that's what made them a brilliant team. In Norway, as soon as he had finished his talk with James, he had shut down his restraunt and followed James to England. He didn't know what else to think other than this man was an utter genius.

So when the time came for John to meet James and the other reapers in the alley before going into attack the ministry, he apparated and found himself there along with a few others he hadn't met before. James motioned for them to come, and John found himself glued to his side. A younger man had followed them, and he forgot his name. Nor did he care to remember it. He just hoped the lad was brave enough to follow through with the plan. John aimed his wand at random places. Laughing at the pain and fear as their attacking spells hit the people in the ministry. They reached the department of mysteries, and John was surprised when the young lad who had followed James and John had blown off the door. He looked at him in awe. Of course, he had blown up many doors in his day, but he never would've thought to do it at that point in time. Points for the young lad, John thought. He aimed his wand awaiting instructions from James on who to attack and whose life he could ruin next. He knew that this was just the beginning, and he couldn't keep the grin off his face!
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Damien Loves John (For the Mysterious People)
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