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 Head in the Clouds (Open)

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Lyra VanDerberg
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Seventh Year
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Head in the Clouds (Open) Empty
PostSubject: Head in the Clouds (Open)   Head in the Clouds (Open) EmptyThu May 28, 2015 3:24 pm

As she walked down the street towards the Three Broomsticks, for the first time in a long while, Lyra felt genuinely happy. She'd just finished work, having only worked for a couple of hours on a Saturday morning, and since it was a Hogsmeade weekend, that meant she was free for the rest of the day to do as she pleased in the village, and the weather was great. This only added to her unusual cheerful mood, so there was almost a spring in her step. The Three Broomsticks was only a couple of yards away from Honeydukes, and since Lyra hadn't stolen sweets from work and was absolutely starving, it was easier to just stop here than walk back up to Hogwarts or find somewhere else to buy food. Her priority now was to find something vegetarian to eat, but later she totally wanted to do something fun, or at least vaguely interesting. Maybe she would find Lyn, tell her the good news. Well maybe that was beyond even her good mood, but she had to do something.

Lyra joined the back of the painstakingly long queue for food. Tapping her foot on the floor impatiently, her eyes skimmed the menu in search of something vegetarian that actually sounded appealing. By the time she'd reached the front of the queue - hours later, it seemed like to Lyra - she had settled on a salad and a butterbeer, because she was disappointed with the few choices. She took a seat at a table near the counter and took a book from her bag to occupy herself while she waited for her food. But the words all blurred together on the pages, and she found it difficult to concentrate on the words when her thoughts kept moving of the cause of her good mood. It was wonderful.

A while ago she'd applied for an internship at the Ministry of Magic. The Dutch one. After she'd spent a while thinking about what she wanted to do in the future, she had decided that she hated Britain with a passion, the weather, the people, the bad memories she was reminded of. So the only rational solution was to go home to the Netherlands and live and work there. She hadn't known exactly what she wanted to do, but the idea of being an Auror was more than appealing. Lyra wanted to do something interesting and exciting and fun for a job, but also something useful to other people. Mainly, she wanted to do a better job than the British Ministry did. If they were more proactive and good at their jobs, James Morgenstern would have been locked up years before he had the chance to meet Jack. At the very least, he would be locked up now. But he roamed free. Lyra was going to do something worthwhile, and use the shit experiences to make her better at her job. Being an auror really would be pretty cool.

The letter had confirmed she'd earned the internship, just for this summer. She was hoping it meant she would have a much better chance of getting a real job there once she graduated, as well as getting a flavour of what it would be like there. A goofy smile on her face, her head was so up in the clouds she didn't notice when someone approached.

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Head in the Clouds (Open)
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