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 Boring, Boring "Work" (Aeva)

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Aoife O'Donnell
Aoife O'Donnell

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Boring, Boring "Work" (Aeva) Empty
PostSubject: Boring, Boring "Work" (Aeva)   Boring, Boring "Work" (Aeva) EmptySat Mar 21, 2015 11:17 pm

Feeling much more positive, Aoife had decided that all she needed to do was not mope around and try to enjoy the year she had left at school. Even work. Now she'd never disliked work, exactly: it just became a bit boring or irritating sometimes. When Morgana had worked here too, at least she'd had someone to talk to, even if she didn't get much in response. But now it was just Aoife, working a fuck load of evening shifts by herself, while hardly any customers came in, and the ones who did were creepy or unsociable. The weekend shifts were much more desirable, but she usually had to vouch for some of the weekday ones instead. But she was going to enjoy it. And the best way to do that was to waste all the money she'd saved from working here on buying ice-cream here, with the help of her staff discount card. But she soon decided that ice-cream wasn't as good if you had it too often, and went back to that boredom and uselessness.

On this particular Tuesday evening, she was sitting behind the desk writing a Transfiguration essay, which was being suckish. If she didn't have anything better to do, at least she was being sort of productive. After getting a paragraph in, though, she got stuck, so ended up drawing on her hand, random doodles and swirls until it was completely covered in ink. Oops. Her focusing skills really were poor. But this essay obviously wasn't going anywhere, and she didn't think it was due for another couple of days, so she discarded it in favour of drawing sheep on a loose piece of parchment.

But then she heard the familiar sound of the door creaking open, and she quickly cast the parchment and ink to the side of the counter, making it look like she was being a good shop attendant person. Thankfully, though, this didn't matter, because the person looked familiar. "Aeva!" she greeted the French girl cheerfully. "How are you? What's it like? Being a real adult, I mean?" She imagined it was shit, but hopefully it was better than being a teenager. Teenagers sucked. Including Aoife.

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Aeva Rivière
Aeva Rivière

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Boring, Boring "Work" (Aeva) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Boring, Boring "Work" (Aeva)   Boring, Boring "Work" (Aeva) EmptySun Mar 22, 2015 10:29 pm

Aeva was beginning to feel overwhelmed by her adult life. She had her own house, courtesy of her deceased mother, but with that house came bills. She doesn't have a car, but then again she lives in the city where there's trolleys and transit and she has apparation for traveling to work. Despite the amount of money life cost and the lack of sleep you acquire from earning the money that life sucks away, she could honestly say that she loved her life right now. She missed Hogwarts at times, but se wouldn't give anything in the world to go back. She loved her freedom.

Aeva had already gotten dressed and apparated to Hogsmeade before she realised that she was early by a whole hour! The one thing she never had to worry about, was that if she was early, there were tons of shops to browse through. However, Aeva was feeling particularly snackish today. She didn't feel like eating at the pubs and she surely didn't want anything from Puddifoots or any Bertie Bott's or anything, so her last choice was the ice cream parlor.

The only reason she knew about it was because Aoife had worked there and told her a little bit about it. She'd meant to try it but never got around to it. Might as well try it now while she had time to waste. She walked down the crowded street to Florean's. It wasn't unusual for the street to be crowded, what was unusual to her, was that the street still looks like this at midnight when she gets off of work. The buzz of laughter and children screaming, the scraping of shoes against the concrete and the clanging of bells ringing on shop doors was enough to make anyone feel safe in the dead of the night. That's one of the reasons she'd agreed to work so late.

Now as she reached the door, she realised the parlor was pretty dead, which shocked her. She was glad still, she loved company, but sometimes too many people were no good. As she opened the door, she heard a familiar voice then shortly recognized a face. "Aoife!" she echoed back. "I'm well." she smiled, sitting down at a barstool at the counter. Aoife seemed to bombard her with questions of adult life. "It has it's days. I'm glad to have my freedom, but the amount of money I spend on bills is ridiculous. I've had to get a job now." she shrugged. It was the truth. She was both exited and depressed to be an adult. "I work at the Hog's Head Inn. It's not ideal, but it's a job I guess. I get whistled at, tipped really well and once, this old guy flirted with me and touched my waist. Talk about he almost got kicked." she replied. That night caused her to almost lose her job. If she would've went defense mode she'd be job hunting again. It's also another reason she's looking into different jobs, careers actually. "How are you? How's Hogwarts?"

She studied the flavors, she couldn't choose just one. It was impossible, there was mint, chocolate chip, firewhiskey, bubblegum anything you could think of, they had it. "Oh and give me a scoop of your best selling ice cream." she smiled a huge grin, more so a silly grin than a real one.

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Boring, Boring "Work" (Aeva)
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