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 Bad Day (Victoria)

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Aoife O'Donnell
Aoife O'Donnell

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Bad Day (Victoria) Empty
PostSubject: Bad Day (Victoria)   Bad Day (Victoria) EmptySat Mar 21, 2015 4:55 pm

Aoife felt sad. No, sad wasn't the right word. It was more than just sadness. It was nostalgia, frustration and realism combined to make a huge big ball of emotion which she couldn't escape from. And feeling like this made her feel useless. It wasn't like Aoife to mope around and act like she felt like acting - usually - and she was trying to be cheerful and optimistic and whatever. She was supposed to enjoy the last year at school, maybe get a little sad at the very end, not waste the whole time crying over how she didn't have long left. It wasn't a good reason to be sad, but she couldn't help it. Which was why she was trying to hide how she felt and act as normally as possible around her friends and housemates. She wasn't sure how that was working out, though.

Because she really didn't feel like staying at lunch to chat and all that, she gulped down half a sandwich and a glass of water and then went outside to the grounds, intending on finding somewhere to sit by herself. Since almost everyone was at lunch, she didn't imagine it would be too busy, at least for the next couple of minutes. The obvious choice was of course the lake, the place where she seemed to have met or spent time with every single person she had befriended over the past six years. It started with Aylee, her favourite person, then everyone else. It was a nice spot. That was probably why all the cool people came here, so therefore made friends with Aoife. She took a seat on the grass next to the lake, crossing her legs and facing out towards the water, which was as nice as ever.

But she'd always been easily bored, and after a few moments, she grabbed a book out of her bag. This was how much she'd changed since starting Hogwarts. She actually read books, books not about sheep or wizarding sweets, for leisure, every now and then. This one in particular was a book actually difficult to read and understand. It made her feel so smart. Even though she wasn't and would probably end up with no good job, no money and nothing at all. That was the way she imagined things would go when she felt like this, tired and confused and frustrated. But maybe it was just a bad day, and by tomorrow she would be back making sheep charity plans and shunning the haters.

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Bad Day (Victoria)
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