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 Mermaids at Dusk (OPEN)

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Ella Vega
Ella Vega

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Mermaids at Dusk (OPEN) Empty
PostSubject: Mermaids at Dusk (OPEN)   Mermaids at Dusk (OPEN) EmptyTue Jan 13, 2015 12:26 am

The sun was setting quickly as Ella walked to the lake. She carried little Emma in her arms. The young girl had grown a lot. She was almost two, and her cousin, Lucas, was nearing a year old. Time flies, especially when you have children. Ella didn't want the girl to grow, she enjoyed spending time with her, and watching her age, yet at the same time, it brought a feeling of sorrow to her.

The lake was Ella's favourite place as a student. There were many days that she'd sit here any enjoy the weather or do homework with Wade and Lucy. Now, as she sat against the tree, holding little Emma, she reminisced on those memories. She missed them. Lucy and Wade. She'd gotten a letter from Elita not too long ago with Lucas' 6 month picture in it. In the letter, she had written that she saw Lucy fairly often and that she was doing fine. It made sense though, Elita was with Ryland, who had been adopted by Lucy's father. She couldn't help but wonder about Wade. He was her crush, the crush she'd never get rid of. She'd often dreamt about how it'd feel to kiss him and be wrapped in his arms. Something Shah felt, but she never would. He could very well be dead for all she knew. It hurt Ella to think that, to think that Wade stuck with his father and stayed with the Dark Wizards after seeing how it changed Ella and her family. She loved him, but she no longer existed to him. The last time she'd seen him was nearly two years ago while she was pregnant.

Ella snapped out of her memories when Emma started talking to her and pointing. Ella looked to what Emma was pointing to and saw a head of a mermaid surface the water before disappearing. "Mermaid." Ella said to Emma smiling. "Mermay" Emma repeated, laughing and clapping her hands. Ella smiled at the girl's attempt and kissed her cheek. She listened to the grass shuffling, like footsteps. Someone must've spotted her. Probably coming over to see Emma, because for some reason, babies attracted people.

Mermaids at Dusk (OPEN) Ella-lucianne_zpsfbuq08hv

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Mermaids at Dusk (OPEN)
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