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 Taking Chances (Damien)

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Phineas Button

Phineas Button

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Taking Chances (Damien) Empty
PostSubject: Taking Chances (Damien)   Taking Chances (Damien) EmptyFri Dec 19, 2014 6:06 pm

Phin was so glad that he could go to Hogsmeade now. He had found away to go during school hours. He was tall for his age, so Phin fit right in with the adults. Phin new skipping class was wrong, but why did it matter? Nobody really cared for him anyways, so why should he? Phin stood against a wall just looking around trying to be like a cool kid.

He had seen some of the rebels in school do this, so he thought he should try it. It was then he saw a shadowy figure. Phin looked at him. He looked weird. Well, more like he was doing something weird.
Phin went up to him and asked, "What are you doing?" Phin was interested. This was something he was into now, so he had to be. Phin looked up at the guy with pleading eyes. This was the kind of world he wanted to be apart of, and by the looks of it, this guy could teach him everything that he needed to know.

Phin didn't know if this guy was good or bad, or if he would just kill him on the spot. But nobody cared, so why did it matter? Phin stood up tall. He tried to be brave. Phin then realized the Hufflepuff scarf he was wearing completely gave him away. He sighed. This could go either way now.
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Damien Lewis

Damien Lewis

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Taking Chances (Damien) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Taking Chances (Damien)   Taking Chances (Damien) EmptyMon Dec 22, 2014 12:16 pm

After work, Damien had decided to go somewhere random to grab food. Diagon Alley food tended to get quite samey after a while. The first place that popped into his head was Hogsmeade, so with a pop he was gone from the shop and on a fairly quiet street in Scotland. He quickly went into The Three Broomsticks to get a pumpkin pasty but then headed up towards The Hog's Head. By this point, he'd finished the pasty. He stood up against a wall and lit a cigarette. Gosh, what an exciting life. No, he was bored. And he wasn't in the best mood. He could easily kill an unsuspecting muggle right now. But there were no muggles in Hogsmeade.

So he just minded his own business. There were hardly any people in Hogsmeade right now. He supposed they were all in the shops and restaurants eating, or at school. Fine with him. He'd gave to work out what to do with the rest of his day, now. Maybe he'd go to some cool, exotic country. Or maybe he'd stay holed up in his apartment, shooting spells furiously at the wall. Or he could do something fun, rob a muggle bank or whatever.

Only, then some kid approached and opened his big mouth. He scowled. Damien took his time answering, first taking a drag of the cigarette. "What makes you think that it's any of your business?" he asked, fairly calmly but with an undertone of annoyance. Because he was seriously annoyed. "And why don't you just fuck off, Hufflepuff?" Shun the Hufflepuff kid. Hey, shouldn't he be in school? Skipping, huh? He wouldn't really expect that of a gawky Hufflepuff kid. Suddenly he had an ounce more respect for the kid, but that wouldn't stop him killing him. He'd already discreetly moved his hand to his pocket to grab his wand.
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Taking Chances (Damien)
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