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 Oddmund Hansen

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Oddmund Hansen
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Second Year
Oddmund Hansen

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PostSubject: Oddmund Hansen   Oddmund Hansen EmptySun Dec 14, 2014 4:27 pm

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   Oddmund Hansen
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   Full Name: Oddmund Vilhelm Hansen
   Gender: Male
   Birthday: November 19th, 2020
   Age: 11
   Blood: Halfblood
   Birth Place: Fredrikstad, Norway
   Nationality: Norwegian
   School Attending: Durmstrang

Oddmund Hansen 9qbsdu


   Mother: Isabelle Kikkert, Dutch, muggleborn, 34, housewife
   Father: Bjarne Hansen, Norwegian, pureblood, 37, healer
   Siblings: None

   Oddmund's mother, Isabelle, was born in Netherlands, in a big muggle family, that owned a small cafe in a tiny Holland town. She would have probably become a waitress, then a manager, and then an owner, if she hadn't been accepted into Beauxbatons, to her parents' surprise. Isabelle wasn't very excited with all the magic and all her hobbies were pretty muggle ones. Nevertheless, she knew that her opportunities in the Wizarding World are much better than in the muggle one, so she decided to stay in this new and strange society. She started to work as a waitress in some wizarding tavern in France, right after her graduation, and there she met Bjarne, her future husband and Oddmund's father.

   Now Isabelle spends all her time at home, reading about psychology, practicing yoga, and doing abstract paintings. She basically just wastes her husbands money, but she is sure that a real woman is all about self-development, not routine and work. And nothing is better for development than books and exercises.

   Bjarne's family was a typical pureblood one, full of pride and inbreeding. Once rich, by the moment of Bjarne's birth, the family could barely afford keeping their mansion. So it was pretty clear for Bjarne that he had to make his own fortune. Shortly after graduation from Durmstrang, he got a job as healer's assistant in a local hospital and three years later was promoted to a healer. He met Isabelle during his French vacation, and it took her about a year to push Bjarne to a proposal.

   Now he works hard as a healer in Norway, having almost no spare time. Bjarne tries to give his son a good example, but unfortunately Oddmund spends more time with his mother, who is always home and is eager to teach her son some muggle stuff.


   Since Oddmund's mother was fond of muggle culture, she made her son go to muggle school when we was 6. She was sure Oddmund could learn lots of useful things there and become much better at socialization. As the result, Oddmund got some semi-muggle life experience and even learned how to make friends and influence people. School life wasn't that difficult for Oddmund, since no one wanted to have troubles with such a big kid, and he kinda got used to it.

  Oddmund knew his muggle school notes wouldn't matter at all, so he didn't put too much effort in getting good ones. And Isabelle was pretty okay with his notes, because in her opinion they couldn't get all the subtle aspects of people's skills and abilities.

   At Durmstrang, Oddmund's life is going to change, as size won't matter anymore, so he won't be treated as a good friend-protector and a guy who isn't to mess up with. Oddmund, however, has no idea about it, and is waiting in anticipation for his new life to start.

Oddmund Hansen 1zecfhc


   Hair color: blond
   Eye color: blue
   Height: tall
   Build: fat

  Oddmund was the most noticeable boy in his class when he attended muggle school. Not just just because he was big, but also because he was extremely loud. This voice of his can probably let him become a narrator or a broadcaster one day.


   Thanks to his mother, Oddmund knows a lot about Psychology. Or, to be precise, he believes he knows a lot. Isabelle doesn't have any qualifications, she just got all her knowledge from books. Different theories, often contradicting each other, created a strange mix in her head. So basically Oddmund just calls all oblong objects "phallic symbols".

   Oddmund also learned lots of other things by observing his mother. He is sure, for example, that every random brushstroke pattern can be called abstract painting, and any random object can be called modern art. But Oddmund is more into writing, he even wrote several really bad short novels about Hans Silvertongue, who represented everything Oddmund even wanted to be.

  Oddmund dislikes his name and prefers to be called Hansen. This is not a surprise, considering that "Mund" means "mouth" in German and "odd" means "odd" in English. It's based on "point of a sword" and "protection" in Norwegian, so in Norway it's pretty cool, but Oddmund's plans include some worldwide fame. Or at least Europe-wide fame. Sadly, Oddmund is a bit familiar with both those languages, which makes him a bit disappointed in his name. That's why his book character is called Hans Silvertongue. Silvertongue is an opposite of Oddmouth, and Hans is quite like Hansen, the name Oddmund prefers.

Oddmund Hansen Nbt8xd

It's Evan. You know me.
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Morgana Gaunt
Morgana Gaunt

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PostSubject: Re: Oddmund Hansen   Oddmund Hansen EmptyWed Dec 17, 2014 1:33 am


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Thanks to the amazing Jett!!

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Oddmund Hansen
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