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 About Durmstrang

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PostSubject: About Durmstrang   About Durmstrang EmptySun Dec 14, 2014 2:49 am

The School

The Durmstrang Institute was founded around 1000 AD.
The founders were never identified, and there are many rumors surrounding the mystery of the creation. Located on an island near the North Pole, where magic like the northern lights could be seen in the clear night sky, legends and tales of the Norse Gods would often arise and speak of how the school was built by their magic and power. The houses of Durmstrang only gave people more reason to believe this.

Durmstrang Crest
About Durmstrang Durmstrang_zpsefb98bf4



Named after the hall of the Goddess Freya where the ones who died in battle would come, Folkvang revers strength and courage. The members of Folkvang are often spontaneous and ambitious, and have a tendency to be somewhat pompous.

Folkvang's crest
About Durmstrang FolkvangLarge_zpse85fc5fd


Named after the home of the God Balder, Breidablikk represents everything beautiful and true. This is the home of students with strong minds, and a love for the firm beauty of books. Though Breidablikk is depicted as heaven, the students of this house are a spread diversity between thoroughly good people, and people with more cunning minds.

Breidablikk's crest
About Durmstrang BreidablikkLarge_zps9a2a907b


During the Sorting between the two houses, the students enter a empty room, one by one with the Deputy Head present. It is a large room, and on either side of it, two items are positioned. On the right hand side is a beautiful, massive book, laying open on a podium. On the left side is a magnificent sword, leaning against the wall. The student must take whatever time they need, and then chose which one of the items they want to walk over to. If they pick up the book, they belong in the house of intellect, Breidablikk. If they pick up the sword, they belong in the house of bravery and strength, Folkvang.

General Information

  • For now, every student must start as a first year student and no transfers will be allowed.

  • Every student must be either half-blood or pureblood, as Durmstrang does not admit muggle-borns.

  • Every student must be knowledgable in the language of Norwegian.

  • The head of the school is not called 'Headmaster/mistress', but 'Highmaster/mistress'


About Durmstrang 16405568865_355ed68750_o
Thanks to the amazing Jett!!

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About Durmstrang
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