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 So We Meet Again (Jen)

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Aoife O'Donnell
Aoife O'Donnell

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So We Meet Again (Jen) Empty
PostSubject: So We Meet Again (Jen)   So We Meet Again (Jen) EmptySun Oct 26, 2014 1:44 pm

After class, Aoife went to the library. It was unlike her, and she felt very awkward among the studious people, but suddenly the constant nagging about OWLs had started to have an impact on her. She felt stressed and confused and behind in all her lessons, so she decided determinedly that she would actually start studying, because she didn't want to look stupid in the exams, so being behind in everything wasn't good. She was pretty proud of herself when she actually didn't procrastinate and did a lot of Transfiguration studying.

She managed to get about half an hour of studying done, and then she realised people were starting to filter out of the library. Because it was lunchtime. So she packed up her bag and wandered off down the corridor, not rushing too much and just enjoying being out of the crammed, quiet atmosphere in the library.

But then she didn't feel so happy again. Because she turned a corner and found herself walking towards the she-devil. Blonde hair, heels, haughty snotty attitude. Definitely Jen. "You," Aoife said, sounding calm but accusing. Why was Jen here? What business did she have at the redhead's school, her home? That girl needed to leave. As soon as possible. She wrinkled her nose and shot her a cold, unforgiving gaze that straight out said "I hate you so much leave right now".

So We Meet Again (Jen) 15783029624_916c081b46_o

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Jennifer Moss
Jennifer Moss

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So We Meet Again (Jen) Empty
PostSubject: Re: So We Meet Again (Jen)   So We Meet Again (Jen) EmptyFri Oct 31, 2014 10:05 pm

Jennifer was just on the way to her office to pick up her stuff and then head straight home to Gracie, who was with Leila at the moment. It wasn't that Jen didn't trust her adoptive mother, it was just that as time went on she got more and more protective of her daughter and she didn't like leaving her for any longer than a few hours. That was why she was rarely even at Hogwarts, other than the occasional class for the first years. There was no point staying for dinner or socialising with other professors, when she had a baby to look after and an apartment to get back to. Anyway, there were still students at Hogwarts she had known and would rather not be anywhere near if she could help it. Unfortunately, she seemed to have picked the wrong time to try and travel quickly through the castle, as all the students where pushing in the opposite direction to get to their dinner, and she was moving unbearably slowly.

Thinking of students she didn't want to be anywhere near, there was O'Donnell. Jen had the idea that she could somehow manage to avoid her without being sighted, but of course the girl had to stop to delay her and start some petty argument which the blonde had long grown out of. "What do you want, O'Donnell? I don't have time for shit right now, so spit it out." She glanced at Aoife, almost approvingly at her change in appearance. She looked much less like an annoying child now, and one might even consider her to be pretty, in a weird way.


So We Meet Again (Jen) FVJ0jyx
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So We Meet Again (Jen)
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