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 Ice-Cream Queen (Open)

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Aoife O'Donnell
Aoife O'Donnell

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Ice-Cream Queen (Open) Empty
PostSubject: Ice-Cream Queen (Open)   Ice-Cream Queen (Open) EmptySun Oct 05, 2014 1:01 pm

Aoife had been at work a lot more this term now that Morgana had abandoned her, leaving her the sole student worker at Florean’s. The boss wasn’t asking her, but she could see he needed extra help now, so she had taken up loads more shifts, a lot of them the weeknights that Morgana used to do. Today it was Sunday though, so it was just her old Sunday afternoon shift. After lunch at school, she wandered down to Hogsmeade. She was a few minutes early. She was early to everything now. Gone were the days when it was tradition to be late for DADA and work and everything else.

With a less-than-cheerful greeting to the boss, she washed her hands and took her place behind the counter. Business soon sped up once everyone had eaten lunch and she had her hands full dealing with the queue before her, who all seemed to want complicated and difficult orders. “Three three-scoop butterbeer, orange and peppermint ice-creams, one with chocolate sprinkles,” she repeated, inwardly sobbing. She had already messed up some man’s ice-cream and it was probably going to happen again the way she was going. This job was supposed to be easy - that was why she had picked it in the first place. But it was all about remembering orders and scooping ice as fast as humanly possible.

Eventually, the queue began to cease, until it was just the occasional customer coming in. Aoife leant on the counter, breathing a sigh of relief. That had been the rush - it wouldn’t be busy again until this evening, when she was gone. Woo! IceCreamQueenAoife, huh?

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Ice-Cream Queen (Open) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Ice-Cream Queen (Open)   Ice-Cream Queen (Open) EmptyMon Oct 06, 2014 5:15 am

Nii held the strange coin in her hand that a man gave her. She didn't know why he did but he had. She wandered into the store he had shoved her in front of before taking off. She hadn't noticed him go really. Walking inside sucking her thumb she held the coin with disinterest. The sounds in here never registered to her ears. She heard none of them. Pushing past or ignored by many. She wandered around the store. Climbing up a stool that looked weird and caught her interest because of its abnormal shape. Sitting on it...by the counter...she rocked back and forth unfocusedly. The shiny gold coin in the hand that rested on the counter before the hand let go of it. It fell and clinged. Bouncing and rolled down the counter to spin in a circle. Wobble back and forth and lay down. All unnoticed by the pigtailed toddler her never even heard it leave. Rocking back and forth she sat here. It was too early to go back to that place she always went.
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Ice-Cream Queen (Open)
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