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 Ridley Arrington (Student)

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Ridley Arrington
Third Year
Third Year
Ridley Arrington

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PostSubject: Ridley Arrington (Student)   Ridley Arrington (Student) EmptySun Sep 07, 2014 2:06 pm

Ridley Arrington (Student) 2m7urmw

Ridley Arrington (Student) 936full-allisyn-ashley-arm
   Ridley Arrington
Ridley Arrington (Student) 19s5f8

   Full Name: Ridley Jane Arrington
   Gender: Female
   Birthday: 26th of April, 2017
   Age: 11
   Blood: Half-blood
   Nationality: American

Ridley Arrington (Student) 9qbsdu

   Family: Ridley's father, Cedric Arrington, is an heir of an Irish (not entirely pure-blood) wizard family. Cedric, being the kind of person who wouldn't stick with his decisions for long, never got a wizard job. He decided he wanted to travel all around the world after he graduated from Hogwarts, but he only managed to visit parts of Latin America before he ended up settling down with a muggle girl in Chicago, the USA.

Unfortunately, their marriage didn't last long for her to become Ridley's mother, so her name isn't impoprtant enough to mention. There still was a baby, though, who had the amazing name of 'Conroy' and the lucky role to be Ridley's older brother later on. Cedric was the one who got the baby and the apartment after the divorce. While he already had a nice job as a florist (he definitely did not use magic when at work), he didn't have the time to take care of his son alone.

Cedric inlisted the help of a full-time babysitter called Janette, who had an incredible way of getting trough to the arrogance that was Conroy. After a few this-is-a-strictly-about-your-job-dinners with her, Cedric got married a second time ( apparently, being a single father was somehow attractive). With Janette, things were a little shaky when she discovered her husband was a wizard (for the sake of Cedric's pride, anyone who asks gets the answer that they had a serious talk about it and Janette did most certainly not catch him magically fixing a coffee mug), but she got over it quickly enough by Cedric's standards (read: a week). Ridley was born about a year in the relationship, much to Conroy's dismay.
History: While Conroy never did show any magical traits, Ridley grew up confident of her heritage. She, quite impressively, did her first spell at the age of 4, when she charmed a chocolate bar into flying to her from a shelf she couldn't reach. Since then, everyone in her family (including Conroy, who was, at the time, 7) had known a letter would most definitely be coming for her sonner or letter. Cedric enjoyed showing her little magic tricks, and Ridley enjoyed practising them. Since it was her favourite talant to show off (other than her impressive gift to burp out the alphabet that she really didn't pick up from Conroy), other kids were either too scared of her, or too jealous for her taste, so, at the age of 6, Ridley promptly refused to befriend anyone for too long, if they were muggle.

When she was 9, Cedric decided he wanted to move back to Ireland to support his now widowed mother, and so the Arringtons found themselves in Great Britain. To Janette and Conroy it was a big change, but Ridley liked adventures and wasn't too distraught. Cedric had always had a thick accent, so Ridley wasn't bothered trying to understand the Irish folks, though she refused to speak English their way.

When she was 11, her letter finally arrived.
Ridley Arrington (Student) 1zecfhc

   Appearance: Ridley has a slender physique - she's more short than she is tall and she's (not concerningly so) thin. She's definitely not ripped, but she has some muscle on her, mostly on her arms. Her features are sharp - pointy nose and chin - and her eyes are big and wide-open. Rid's a red-head, but that's hardly noticable because of the various coloured streaks in her hair. Her hairstyles are very different (mostly because she does her hair herself) but it's usually kept shoulder-long, with bangs cut messily above her eyebrows. Her eyes are green, and she likes to punctuate that by wearing eyeliner (though not too much, she knows she's too young for any excessive make-up).

Ridley describes herself as a tomboy, so she wears more boyish clothes, with the occasional skirt being thrown in. She loves wearing anything ripped or cut, as well as bright T-shirts with loud slogans.

   Personality: Ridley is an entirely spoiled and unstoppable child. She follows through with any stupid or insane idea she gets, thus almost always landing right on in trouble. She is never scared of lying to get her way if she's convinced it's important (and even if she isn't). Rid believes she's right most of the time, even though she still has a long way to go. She's absolutely blunt and brutally honest, which makes it hard for her to permanently befriend people. That usually doesn't get to her as she's convinced that 'most humans are naturally butthurt', which just so happents to be her favourite phrase to use.

Ridley has a way of guessing a person's pressure point because of how they talk or their body language, and she never hesitates to tease them about it. She can go pretty far with that before she catches herself, but she doesn't overstep the line between 'tease' and 'bully', because, believe it or not, Ridley has morals. Usually, she annoys the hell out of people, especially her brother, but she also knows where and how to twist to convince them she is an angel on earth (Conroy gives up after the puppy-eyes). In desperate times, Rid also has asofter side, but that's a secret.

Ridley is a born prankster, and if she gets an oppurtunity for a prank, she immediately seizes it, no matter the circumstances. Consequences are the last thing on her mind when she dives in an idea.   

Ridley Arrington (Student) Nbt8xd

   Yes, hello, this is Deirdre here. I'm sure this would suffice as a role-play example, because I am lazy and it's probably the only thing you're getting:

"After she had secured a few books, Deirdre immediately opened one of them and began reading as she walked down the stairs back to her Common Room. The sooner she read them, the better, Deirdre figured - it would be best if she managed to finish them before all kinds of homework were poured over her. She didn't have much time, too - she still hadn't  unpacked, and with the load of things Monique had gifted her, that would probably remain the center of her attention for a while."
- Deirdre, Broken Glass

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Wade Malfoy
Wade Malfoy

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PostSubject: Re: Ridley Arrington (Student)   Ridley Arrington (Student) EmptySun Sep 07, 2014 7:24 pm

Accepted! Smile

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Ridley Arrington (Student)
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