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 Oopsie (Khalidah)

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Cecelia Daniels

Cecelia Daniels

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Oopsie (Khalidah) Empty
PostSubject: Oopsie (Khalidah)   Oopsie (Khalidah) EmptyMon Aug 25, 2014 8:12 pm

Cece’s father, just before he’d been taken away, had introduced her to her grandmother, a small grumpy old woman who lived in Godric’s Hollow. Quite recently she had taken up visiting the woman. Because although it was hard for his daughter, she realised it was even harder for his mother. Anyway, she did get slightly more friendly and kind the more cups of tea you made her. Last night she had stayed at her house and now she’d escaped. And found herself wandering idly around the charming little village here.

There wasn’t much, a couple of uninteresting shops, a church and a pub. Still, it was something to do before she went back to London. Being unable to apparate was a rather bitter subject for her and a thought she had frequently. All the other adult wizards were free to simply pop wherever, whether it be up the road or across the world to Australia. And it was annoying that she was limited in her travels. While she could fly, it was time consuming, took more effort and wasn’t as effective in general. She wished that she could apparate, but there was nobody to teach her.

Rather than going into the warmth, she walked over to that statue in the village square. Oddly enough, it seemed to change completely as she got closer to it. But that was magic: odd. There were parents and a child, a disgusting small child. Cece had never liked children and they rather scared her. Anywho, that was enough of this boring statue. As she turned around, though, she tripped and fell onto the floor, grazing her hands in the process. Stupid boots, she was always falling over them when the laces were undone, like now. The worst part was that she had landed at some girl’s feet. “Oopsie,” she said lightly as she pushed herself up from the floor. “How clumsy of me.” How posh she sounded. She fluffed up her hair, just so it would regain its cool messy look.
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Oopsie (Khalidah) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Oopsie (Khalidah)   Oopsie (Khalidah) EmptyTue Aug 26, 2014 10:12 pm

Having ventured to Godric's Hollow before and finding two ministry workers had given Khalidah the taste of blood. So she had apparated to the village and entered the pub, trying to get people around there to believe that she lived there. They would then see her as a regular and they'd get used to her talking with other people, trying to persuade them. When it didn't work, she obliviated the crowd of the last few minutes. It was easier to do this in the pub, because obliviating people's minds was a speciality of Khal's, but was most successful in a restricted area.

But tonight, the people in the pub had been mostly muggles or mudbloods. Not that James cared much for blood, he was above that. Khal almost laughed at that thought. The things James were above were not many, but the ones he were above, made him sound like a savior when he told them to strangers. Khal decided to leave the pub before she finished her beer. She took one last swing of it and sat it down on the bar. As she rose, she noticed a few eyes on her. She looked at the guy and smirked at him. James might not care about blood, but she did. So that muggle could go fuck himself.

Khal left the pub, hoping he'd follow her. And he did. Her smirk only grew as she walked down, occasionally throwing a few glances behind her to make sure he continued to do so. It was gonna be a good night. She looked behind herself one more time and then stopped short as she saw something fall in front of her. Or someone. Khalidah stopped and looked at the girl on the ground in front of her feet. She then looked behind herself. The guy was gone.

Annoyed, Khal turned her gaze on the blonde dimbo who was pushing off the ground. "Indeed," she muttered, watching on as the girl rose to her feet, ruffling her hair. Khal looked at the statue next to them. "Here to pay your respect?" Khal asked calmly, deciding to leave her aggravated mood behind. Not that Khal was a fan of the Potters, but this girl didn't seem evil. Nonetheless, she also seemed alone enough to be swayed.

Oopsie (Khalidah) Wiox
Thanks to Marianna!
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Cecelia Daniels

Cecelia Daniels

Posts : 77
Join date : 2014-08-24

My Character
Activity: Assistant Healer

Oopsie (Khalidah) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Oopsie (Khalidah)   Oopsie (Khalidah) EmptyThu Aug 28, 2014 8:37 pm

It seemed that she hadn’t chosen a good person to fall over in front of. Not that she had chosen to do this. It had just happened, like all those other times she’d fallen over. But anyway, Cece was thinking at the moment that this girl wasn’t the best person to be with in this situation. Partly because of her facial expression, partly because of her appearance. Now she knew that appearances didn’t mean anything, but this girl was so pretty and neat and… polished. Generally, the blonde didn’t mix much with girls like that. She could still redeem herself though!

As she stood, she found herself giggling slightly hysterically. “Because, you know, it’s sort of funny!” she decided she need to explain, so it didn’t seem like she was giggling oddly for no reason. Then she was giggling more. “Pay my respects? No! To who? I don’t respect these people! I don’t know them! I just wanted to see what this weird statue was!” What, were these people historical figures? Made sense. She had never shown up to History of Magic when she was at Hogwarts. But she didn’t really think anyone did. In fact, she didn’t think it was real. She thought it was a metaphor. Could you have metaphor classes?

Cece smiled. “What about you?” she asked. “Are you here to pay respects? Do you respect these… uh…” She glanced at the statue and the plaque next to it. “...Potter people?” If they had a statue, they were probably important, or done something respectable and good. But Cece betted that they weren’t environmentalists who had made the world a better place, like she would. It wasn’t the environment’s fault, it was the people’s fault, the wizard and muggle government’s fault. For not caring. Someone needed to care. And it seemed like she was the only one who did.
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PostSubject: Re: Oopsie (Khalidah)   Oopsie (Khalidah) Empty

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Oopsie (Khalidah)
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