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 Man-eating Squid (OPEN!!! )

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Matthew Bennett
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Slytherin Prefect
Matthew Bennett

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Man-eating Squid (OPEN!!! ) Empty
PostSubject: Man-eating Squid (OPEN!!! )   Man-eating Squid (OPEN!!! ) EmptyThu Jul 17, 2014 1:36 pm

Hogwarts was so cool! Huge and full of epicness with tons of places to explore! But so far, being there hadn't completely lived up to Matthew's expectations. First of all, being at Hogwarts was supposed to mean that he'd get to spend every waking moment with his awesome favorite big brother Ollie. But thus far that hasn't been the case. First of all the sorting hat had screwed up by putting them in different houses. And Ollie always seemed busy anyway. It wasn't fair! It was almost like Ollie sometimes wanted to hang out with people who weren't Mathew! But why would he want to spend time with anyone else when he had a cool brother like Matthew to spend all his time with?

Another reason that Hogwarts had let him down was because nobody would teach him any fire spells! He knew they existed, but all the teachers seemed determined to keep them away from Matthew! He wasn't sure what they had against him but it must be something because they were purposely not teaching him fire spells as some sort of cruel and unusual punishment or something. That had to be it, because otherwise they would teach those spells first since they were obviously the most important.

At the moment, Ollie was nowhere to be found. Again. So Matthew took off in search of him and ended up down by the lake. But there was no sign of his brother. Maybe he was off saving someone from some terrifying, life threatening situation with his third year magic. Ollie was good like that. Even though Matthew should be more important. With a sigh, Matthew looked out at the lake and tried to think of something interesting to do now. And then he saw it! A huge tentacle rising out of the water! The giant squid! Matthew had never seen one before!

With a big grin he rushed to the edge of the lake to get a better look. Standing on his tiptoes, he leaned forward and peered excitedly across the water - but then he leaned too far, and before he could stop himself he was falling into the shallows. "Ahhh!" he shouted,  instantly panicking. That squid was pretty close to shore. Did giant squids eat children? Probably. So instead of standing up and calmly exiting the knee deep water, he flailed around helplessly and shouted for help. "Somebody help me! It's gonna eat me! Help!"

Man-eating Squid (OPEN!!! ) Sig
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Man-eating Squid (OPEN!!! )
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