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 Aylee's New Diary

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Aylee Walters
Aylee Walters

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Aylee's New Diary Empty
PostSubject: Aylee's New Diary   Aylee's New Diary EmptyMon Jun 30, 2014 1:41 am

Dear New Diary,

Well, hello there. Okay, I seriously don't know what to write.

So, you're my second diary because I already filled out my first one. I got you from Kynan a few years ago, for Christmas. You do look like a really cool diary, although the key is really a waste of time because there's practically nothing to lock. I mean, the book just opens.

Anyway, my Hogwarts years ended a few months ago so I am officially an adult! It feels weird, really, because I'm used to getting orders from mum and dad and stuff, and I still do. But now I can use magic outside of school so it's a really better asset. I mean, I can just set the dishes to do themselves by just a wave of my wand! Although, the last time I tried it, the dishwashing soap spilled bubbles everywhere and I don't think my parents are exactly eager for the next time I do magic. But they are still kind of proud of me, I think, because my NEWTs went super well and I'm still pretty good at magic. I showed them my super-small charmed handbag by doing that Mary Poppins trick, I pulled out some huge items out of it. It was funny, because dad almost went mad, and Kynan was sniggering in the background.

I'll miss Hogwarts terribly. I wish Sydney and Auden were next to me at graduation. Maybe I would've been less lonely. But they never showed up, really. I miss Aoife, though, since she's the one proper friend I've had this year at Hogwarts. I'm going to try visit her at work next year, I could surprise her at the ice-cream shop. Before the year ended, Hunter's sisters threw a fairy-tale themed party and I talked to Aoife there. She made me feel old.

I am turning old. I'm 17. Does that make me old?

Onto a totally unrelated subject- I dyed my hair black. Okay, please don't kill me or anything. It's not as that big of a deal. Well, maybe it is. My family freaked out when I went to the kitchen for breakfast with a different hair colour. Ethan thought that I was an impostor at first. I admit, it was a bit of a crazy idea, but I had tried it at one point at Hogwarts to see how it would turn out. I like the colour. Even if it makes me look all dull and gloomy and depressed. Maybe that would be cool, so people would think I'm one thing and then I'll show them that I am something else.

I found a job, anyways. I've decided to stick with Charms so I applied to be an Obliviator in the British Ministry of Magic. Mum was concerned about me having to go to London everyday, but I showed her that I knew how to apparate. Mum, dad and Ethan probably think that I'm some kind of God now. Wait till they find out Kynan's dream job. Which reminds me, I still haven't bought him that broomstick! But, anyway, I've been to the job a few days and it's pretty cool. I'm still practically a trainee, because I'm the newest in the department, but I've been following some older workers to some cases, and you will never believe how much they've got! I mean, I swear, wizards aren't even that careful around Muggles, because at least five Obliviator squads have to be dispatched every hour. On my second day, I got to practise everything on some dummies. The spell didn't turn out so well, but they told me that I did well for a beginner! But, still, I have a whole drill to learn. Like, you need to get the wizard stuff out of the way and hide it and whatever, and you need to give the Muggle some sort of explanation for where they are and what they are doing. For once in my life, I am procrastinating from learning, and writing instead.

We'll be going to Hogsmeade soon, to get Kynan's stuff for next year. Maybe I'll buy him that broomstick while we're there.

I don't know what else to tell you / write about, so see you soon!

Loads of love,


Aylee's New Diary Darkayleee_zpsdeb46c3d

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Aylee's New Diary
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