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 Unanswered Questions (closed)

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Hunter VanDerberg
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Unanswered Questions (closed) Empty
PostSubject: Unanswered Questions (closed)   Unanswered Questions (closed) EmptySun Jun 01, 2014 5:48 pm

This thread is closed! This is meant only for Hunter to work out his feelings for Aoife in buildup for the Haoifen plot!

It was finally Saturday! Hunter loved Saturdays, because he didn't work or have class, which meant he could go and enjoy Hogsmeade with his friends instead of stand inside the shop and watch them have fun. But today, Hunter didn't go to Hogsmeade. For some reason, he wasn't much in the mood to go and have fun with his friends. So while everyone else was going about enjoying their typical weekend activities, Hunter found himself sitting on the frozen ground, leaning against a tree by the lake. Hunter wasn't one to wander away from the crowd - he liked being around his friends and he liked having fun. He wasn't much for being serious.

So why was it that he was leaning against a tree in the sharp winter air, all by himself, just thinking?

Hunter wasn't sure what was going on with him. He was so confused all the time, and as a result he was irritable all the time. And the source of his internal battle? Aoife O'Donnell. Aoife, the girl who he'd walked in on while she was dancing like a crazy person in first year. The girl who wanted to start a charity for sheep. The one who had made him a best friend contract to sign. And they were such awesome best friends. Really, look at all the fun they had together. Blake and Seren might not like her, and Hunter could understand somewhat. She was obnoxious and loud and controversial - but Hunter personally thought she'd be quite boring if she wasn't all those things.

So if they were such great friends, why was Hunter avoiding her all the time? Why was this term different from the past? Could it really be because she looked so different? Surely that wasn't enough to cause all of this trouble. Something had changed besides the way Aoife looked - maybe it was Hunter who had changed. Once again, he thought of Jack teasing him about Aoife being his girlfriend. He'd denied it so many times. Why didn't it seem like such a bad thing anymore? Aoife had compared him to her brothers - but Hunter was fairly certain that he didn't want to be like her brothers.

It was no use denying it forever, so for the first time ever Hunter admitted to himself that he liked Aoife - as more than his best friend. He was fourteen, and it was bound to happen sometime. But why was it Aoife? Now the question was what he was supposed to do about it. There were a few options. He could just keep it to himself for the rest of his life and hope it would go away. He could sever all contact between himself and Aoife. Or he could tell her.

Could he tell her? How was he supposed to do that? What would she say? Hunter had no clue what she would think - leave it to him to start liking the one girl who refused to become a teenager. But she couldn't actually not become a teenager. She would have to whether she wanted to or not. Well, regardless of her reaction, Hunter didn't have much choice. He'd tried keeping it to himself, but it was just building a wall between him and Aoife. And he definitely didn't want to stop talking to her altogether. So he would have to say something.

Maybe it was as easy as asking her to Hogsmeade with him like some of the other students who were dating did. Only it wouldn't really be strange for Hunter to go to Hogsmeade with Aoife. He'd have to make it obvious that he was asking her to go with him as a date. But then again, it was Aoife, so he'd have to make it overly obvious. But he'd cross that bridge when he came to it. Hunter didn't know what was going to come of it, but at that moment he made the decision that he was going to do  it. He was going to ask Aoife on a date. He didn't even want to think about what she would say - the only thing he was fairly certain of was that she would definitely hit him. But hey, he wasn't a Gryffindor for nothing, right?

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Unanswered Questions (closed)
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