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 A fanfic Idea--The Prophecy

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A fanfic Idea--The Prophecy Empty
PostSubject: A fanfic Idea--The Prophecy   A fanfic Idea--The Prophecy EmptyMon Mar 24, 2014 3:02 am

Hey y'all. So I had this idea for a fanfic, and I wanted to post the idea and a chapter before I continue it to see if this is a good idea or not. It is entitled: The Prophecy.


The battle was lost, and everything went down, including Harry Potter, and Hogwarts. Lord Voldemort has taken over the ministry, and pretty much everything else. Now, there is a month-to-month search in the known wizarding villages to capture surviving members of the Order for a reward. Godric's Hollow was first, and a new one was built in its place to show that nobody was backing down. In Godric's Hollow 2, there lives two teenagers, Arianthi (Ari-an-thee) and Tyler. When they go exploring one day, their village, Godric's Hollow 2, is destroyed along with everyone in it.

When Arianthi and Tyler go exploring to find a new home, they find a castle that was supposed to have been destroyed in the battle. Apparently, members of the order saved Hogwarts when it was doomed for death. In the castle, the entire Weasley Family (including Fred), Remus, Tonks, Teddy, Andromeda, Seamus Finnigan, Cho Chang, Neville Longbottom, Luna Lovegood, Dean Thomas, and Colin Creevey. Now, their priorities are not only to bring down Lord Voldemort, but stay hidden as well.

When Arianthi and Tyler stumble into Hogwarts by accident, they find out that their is a prophecy containing two other members who are the decedents of the four founders of Hogwarts can now be the only ones to defeat Lord Voldemort. So the only question remains, who are they?

Chapter One:


Tyler followed the sound of her voice. She was beautiful. Her long dark black hair reached to her waist line, and smelled of flowers. Her green eyes popped and as he stared at them it was like looking out onto the horizon on the beach. Well… so he thought… He’d never actually seen a beach in person before. Just in the pictures. But that’s what her eyes reminded him of. He got on top of the rock to where she was standing and looked out onto the horizon. There stood an old looking castle. Its walls were starting to crumble and just by looking at it, one could tell it had suffered a great loss. Aria said, “Let’s get closer!”  Being his over protective self, he held her back and said, “Wait, it looks dangerous.” Aria replied, “Looks can be deceiving dummy. Come on!” He rolled his eyes seeing as he had lost that battle, and followed her to the castle. It didn’t look safe. Rocks and debris where everywhere.

But being the curious one she was, Aria went to get a closer look. He was having problems keeping up. He said, “Aria, slow down.” Aria stopped and stood at the entrance, a battle had definitely been fought here. Whether lost or won was the question. Aria went in closer. She was now standing at the front door. She curiously took a peek inside. She said, “I wonder if they have a library…” He snickered. She was one who loved the books. He followed her in deeper into the castle. They heard voices. He pulled her to a corner. A man and a woman were fighting. She yelled, “Oh stop it Ronald, your being so frustrating! I haven’t been out in days! I’m dying for some fresh air!” Aria leaned in to get a closer look. And with her luck, her knee socks (yes, she wears knee socks) got caught on the side of the banister we were hiding behind, and she fell in plain sight. The couple looked over. The one woman held up her wand and asked, “Whose there?” Rather forcefully.

Arias stood up and said, “Please, don’t hurt us. We come in peace.”  The woman moved closer. I recognized her… I said, “No way. You’re not… You are supposed to be dead.” I said, “Aria, do you know who this is?” Aria looked at the woman better. They were supposed to have died in the battle. Their bodies weren’t found, but there wasn’t anything left of the castle, so everyone thought that they went down with it. I said, “You’re Hermione Granger. And that makes you, Ronald Weasley.” Hermione still had her wand up. She asked, “How did you find us?” Aria started explaining, “We ran away from home. Our village was attacked, and everyone died. We are the last survivors.” That part was true. Death Eaters had come searching for Order members. Well… what was left of them. They did a yearly search on one village destroying the entire one. Ours was the lucky winner this year. Her wand instantly lowered. She asked, “Your names and the village you’re from?” Aria said, “Arianthi James and this is Tyler Mohesky. Godric’s Hollow.”

Hermione replied, “Godric’s Hollow was destroyed ages ago.” Aria said, “They rebuilt and our town tried to rebel against HIM. It didn’t work obviously. They found us, and killed our entire village. We had been at the river down the road from it when it happened. We looked and we were the only survivors.” Hermione nodded and said, “Come in. We’ve got food and water if you need it.” Being typical Aria she asked, “Does this place have a Library?” Hermione smiled at her and said, “Of course! This is Hogwarts School of Witch Craft and Wizardry. It has a library.” I replied, “But Hogwarts went down in the first battle along with Harry Potter.” Hermione looked sad. She said, “The only thing that went down in that battle was Harry… We revived Hogwarts and put a shield around it. How you two found it is a mystery beyond me.”
We walked into a giant cafeteria looking room. She said, “This is the Great Hall. This is where we ate our meals.” We looked around. Aria asked, “I heard a rumor that said the ceiling was enchanted to look like the night sky? Is that true?”

Hermione said, “Look up.” Aria did, and as promised, there was the sky blue as ever in the room. Hermione said, “We keep it like this so we don’t get our hopes and dreams taken away. Come on, meet our family.” We were then led to a sea of red heads. Ron went to join his family. They were now looking at us. Hermione said, ‘Guys, this is Arianthi and Tyler.” I saw the look on Aria’s face when she called her by her full name. She said, “Call me Aria. My mother was nuts for naming me that.” Everybody laughed at Aria. Hermione said, “Well, this is Ron, and his family, Percy, Charlie, Bill, Fred, George, Ginny, Molly and Arthur. As well as, our good friends, Neville, Luna, Seamus, Dean, Cho, and Colin. And over here are Tonks and Remus, with their son Teddy and Tonks’s mother Andromeda.”

Aria nodded. I could see her taking pictures of everybody in her mind (she has a photographic memory). Hermione said, “Sit down here, and we can get you two something to eat. You guys look starved.” Now that I thought about it, I was hungry. I sat down and enjoyed the sandwich a house elf brought me.

((I have chapter two ready to go if you guys want more. I'm beginning Chapter Three, so that might be ready here soon to.))

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A fanfic Idea--The Prophecy Empty
PostSubject: Re: A fanfic Idea--The Prophecy   A fanfic Idea--The Prophecy EmptyMon Mar 24, 2014 3:37 pm

Not sure if you want me to write here or not, but I think your idea is really great! I think it would be a brilliant fanfic, and you've really got something going. You're good at descriptions and I really like it, but I suggest you ask someone to beta for you, cause you've got a few grammatical errors, nothing big, just things one normally overlooks, and therefore it could use a fresh eye! Smile

One more thing, I had a forum once, and I don't think it's a good idea to post your story here. Not because it's dangerous or anything, but because of copyrights. Forumotion isn't a copyrighted site at all, and therefore won't be able to protect your ideas. So I suggest you post it up on fanfiction.net or wattpad.com, where there are several copyrights you can choose from. And when you have posted the story there, link it here on this site, so we can check it out and have the pleasure of reading it! Very Happy

A fanfic Idea--The Prophecy 16219292689_261e8ee458_o


Thanks to the awesome Hunter for all the graphics!
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A fanfic Idea--The Prophecy
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