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 Nasim's Characters

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Aylee Walters
Aylee Walters

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PostSubject: Nasim's Characters   Nasim's Characters EmptyMon Feb 10, 2014 10:25 pm

Aylee Walters
Muggle-born from Glasgow, Scotland
"Do you have that feeling where you feel different than when you were in your first-year? Like Hogwarts changed you or something?"
Nasim's Characters Tumblr_n5mryrwMfe1s6ponao2_250

Okay, so, basically, Aylee's a bookish nerd. She loves reading, she loves books, she loves learning. That's why she's in Ravenclaw. She loves knowledge, but she dislikes power. So she just likes learning for the fun of it. She's a bit of a goody-goody, too. She has recently just graduated from Hogwarts, and she started working in the Ministry of Magic quickly after that. Aylee doesn't have much friends anymore, only old ones, so she's rather lonely. She's recently dyed her hair black, because she's sick of everyone calling her a boring goody-goody, and to put it in the cheesy way, "she doesn't know who she is".

Aylee's an Adult, and a Ministry of Magic Worker.

thread ideas
Well, Aylee is now officially an adult so she can be found in the Ministry of Magic or sometimes in Hogsmeade. During summer at one point she will go to Diagon Alley to help her brother with the school shopping, and can be seen at the beginnings and ends of the school years at Platform 9 3/4. If you ever want to RP with this character, PM me or contact me in the chatbox anytime Smile

app links
Relationships Thread (out-of-date)
Aylee's Old Diary
Aylee's New Diary


Kynan Walters
Muggle-born from Glasgow, Scotland
"I smell food!"
Nasim's Characters Tumblr_m73sth14EN1r3sgxxo3_250

To befriend Kynan, just give him food. He loves it. He'll eat even when he's full, trust me. His best friend is food. And Maya. He's very fun and hyper, reckless and brave, ready to try new things. He likes exploring, and teases his sister a lot. He enjoys sports like Quidditch and football. He's a joker, and he likes making others laugh. When he grows up, he wants to make it as a professional Quidditch player, and he wants to ask Maya out before he leaves Hogwarts. Tough life.

Kynan's a Gryffindor, and is part of the Gryffindor Quidditch Team.

thread ideas
Kynan will be anywhere outside or in the Great Hall. He usually avoids places like libraries. If you ever want to RP with this character, PM me or contact me in the chatbox anytime Smile

app links
Relationships Thread (out-of-date)


Lynette VanDerberg
Muggle-born from Gelderland, The Netherlands
"I have a letter! From that Hog-whats-thingy-school-place-which-Hunter-goes-to-and-has-loads-of-owls!"
Nasim's Characters Tumblr_mvamesSNoY1rids08o9_r1_250

Known better as Lyn, she's really shy and sensitive. She won't talk to you unless you talk to her first. She isn't very confident in herself, she gets jealous easily and mostly just wants to fit in. She thinks that she isn't cool like her siblings for being put in Hufflepuff, and is alone in that house so she's got no friends. If you befriend her, Lyn can be very nice and friendly. She's a vegetarian and she loves animals, due to her growing up on a farm. She also has a little girly crush on Blake.

Lyn's a Hufflepuff.

thread ideas
Lyn can be found outside, exploring the grounds. If she's inside, it means she's lost. If you ever want to RP with this character, PM me or contact me in the chatbox anytime Smile

app links
Character App


House-Elf from Hogwarts
"Hello there masters or miss, how can Rosey helps you todays?"
Nasim's Characters Tumblr_n8cjloGR031tewz8ro1_250

Rosey's a house elf in the Hogwarts Kitchens, so she'll help any kitchen visitors!


thread ideas
Rosey will only be found in the kitchens, cooking. If you ever want to RP with this character, PM me or contact me in the chatbox anytime Smile

app links


Genevieve Decelle
Pure-blood from Paris, France
"If I am ze princess, doesn't zat mean zat I have a 'igher authority zan you do?"
Nasim's Characters Tumblr_inline_n7agzxhIwq1ssoiqt

Genevieve is a French witch, who is very confident and quite stubborn. She comes from a rich family, so she always seems to get what she wants. But she isn't spoilt, as she has a job at the British Ministry of Magic as Head of Department of Magical International Co-Operation and works very hard. She can even speak five languages (French, English, Spanish, Arabic, Italian), and is learning a new one (German)! If you're nice to her, she won't be mean to you, but you don't want to annoy her because she has a very sharp tongue.

Adult, Ministry of Magic

thread ideas
Genevieve may be found in a pub or around the Ministry of Magic.

app links
Character App


Sarah Martin
Half-blood from Britian
Nasim's Characters Tumblr_inline_mny4ugFCNQ1qz4rgp

Sarah is a twin, but she is the quieter one of the pair. While Nina is always outside and sporty, Sarah likes to stay indoors and draw. Drawing is one of her favourite hobbies, and keeps a number of sketchbooks hidden in her school trunk. She isn't comfortable with making new friends, but is quite fun if she gets to know you better. She usually tries to tell silly puns like most kids do these days, but they never make sense.

Hufflepuff House

thread ideas
You'd probably find Sarah in the Hufflepuff Common Room, or at Diagon Alley, or the school train, probably.

app links
Character App


Nasim's Characters Darkayleee_zpsdeb46c3d

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