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 Exploded Bread (Open)

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PostSubject: Exploded Bread (Open)   Exploded Bread (Open) EmptyFri Dec 27, 2013 1:31 pm

When she was at Hogwarts as a student, Selena could often be found in the Kitchens, mainly eating food the house elves had made rather than cooking herself, since those experiments always ended in disaster. But now she was older and therefore more responsible. So she was going down to the Kitchens to take a try at some bread. With the help of magic, though. She cooked a bit at home, but her dad liked to and her meals tended to be very simple. Basically, she had no experience so this would be fun, wouldn’t it?

After her classes for the day had finished, she made her way down to the Kitchens. She’d been planning this in her head all day. At least, a little bit of planning was involved. The house elves didn’t seem to mind her setting up in the corner quietly and getting all the necessary ingredients from around the Kitchens. The perks of being a Professor. Thinking about it, she should be quite good at cooking. In theory, anyway. She was good at Potions. Potions was putting ingredients together to make a solution. Cooking also involved Herbology, her specialty. Herbs and plants and ingredients. But theory was a load of rubbish.

Things were actually going well when she was making the dough. At least, she was following the ingredients and nothing ridiculously bad had happened. It was almost relaxing kneading the dough without the help of any magic. It gave her time to think and relax and start planning lessons she had tomorrow and should have already planned but hadn’t yet.

It was when she put them in the oven her luck changed. Selena had levitated the tray with the dough on it into the oven and shut the door with her wand. Breathing a sigh of relief that she was almost done, she leant against a nearby surface. A couple of minutes later, there was a huge BANG! It looked like the oven had exploded, somehow, and there were bits of metal and bread everywhere. She had stepped backwards in the midst of the explosion and was standing there nervously. “Oops,” she whispered very Scottish-ly.

This thread is open to anyone who wants to laugh at, help, or stare at the Herbology Professor Razz
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Maya Winchester
Maya Winchester

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PostSubject: Re: Exploded Bread (Open)   Exploded Bread (Open) EmptySun Dec 29, 2013 6:53 pm

Maya grumbled to herself as her stomach growled angrily at her. "Alright, alright, I'm getting you food!" She told her stomach in an attempt to subdue it.  Maybe skipping dinner wasn't the smartest move Maya thought to herself as she climbed the steps and emerged from the dungeons. At least she knew where the kitchens were and maybe the house elves would be in extra helpful moods and give her a stash of lovely home cooked food to bring back to her dorm. A smile formed on Maya's face at this thought as she was face to face with a portrait of fruit. Maya was about to enter the kitchens when she heard a loud bang emanating from inside. Oh no, she hoped the house elves hadn't gone and blown themselves up or something she thought worried about the cute little creatures and their bat like ears as she entered.

"eh, hello?" Maya's face remained dumbfounded as her eyes raked over the walls covered in food leftovers or something until her eyes rested on a blonde woman standing with bits of metal and gooey stuff in her hair. She said the first thing that came to her lips. "what in Merlin's beard happened here?" Maya got a better look at who the perpetrator was and her mouth formed an "oh" shape when it clicked who it was. She didn't mean to sound like she was chastising a professor, but looking around the kitchen there was no way even Maya could have made that much of a mess even if she had tried! It was the new Herbology professor, not that she knew Maya. Maya had signed up for the subject, but hadn't quite gotten around to attending the class. Maya quickly scanned the room, searching for the house elves, maybe they could clean the mess up? Damn, none in sight, obviously the explosion had scared them into hiding. Maya shifted uncomfortably on her feet knowing she was spotted and it was too late to turn around and run, pretending she had never seen the mess. That wouldn't go down well with any professor Maya guessed. "So, um, want some help?" Maya asked begrudgingly.

Exploded Bread (Open) Maya_s11

Exploded Bread (Open) Tumblr12
Credit to Aylee Walters for both!

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Exploded Bread (Open)
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